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High Highs are an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia, formed by Jack Milas and Oli Chang in 2010.

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  1. tac

    Great morning shooting .45-70 Govt High Wall...

    This little post is ABOUT a BP rifle, but includes loading data for the NITRO cartridge I was shooting this morning, which does, however, duplicate a BP load - so I'm told. It's great when you CAN get out and shoot, even if there are still pretty severe limitations covering how many and where...
  2. 2tone

    Hi new guy onboard

    Been here for awhile thought i would introduce myself. Not much into chatting online maybe its my age not sure, any how i hunt and fish when i can I got into reloading 10 plus years ago and really enjoy messing around with it and guns not an expert just an amateur doing my own thing. Cheer's Tom
  3. T

    Sex on the streets of Pdx: High standards of decency?

    So I am traveling from SE Hawthorne west on SE Madison street, and the mood of Pdx is improving. It was about 5:15 pm. Over to my right on a NW corner of the street about SE 9th and I am seeing a guy doing his thing with a woman about 26-28 when she is sitting a fence railing and spreading her...
  4. R

    High velocity magazine ban

    I have KOIN 6 news out of Portland on and during a report an antigun activist said he was intent on banning 'high velocity mags'. I think I'm ok with that.
  5. when_DM_smiles

    National  Question about the 1994-2004 federal high cap magazine ban.

    For the NWFA Members that remember, Did the federal 1994 legislation: 1) ban the use of hi cap mags, 2) ban import/manufacturer of said mags, 3) ban sale of said mags, 4) ban transfer (barter/trade) of said mags, and/or 5) grand father in already in possesion hi cap mags? Back in the day, I...
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