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That's what I figured. Everywhere I see online just says purchaser. I hate when they pass a stupid law that makes something mandatory and the people take advantage of everyone because they have to now.
I called the shop in question just to get it from the horse's mouth and they only charged one $35 fee, they don't care if they get it from the buyer or the seller or they split it. But just one.
So the prospective buyer of my rifle says his shop wants a $35 "transfer" fee from each the buyer and seller so $70 total. Is that utter BS?

Yes, complete BS. Looks like you're in Oregon City - Adaptive Firing Solutions, a home-based FFL in Oregon City will charge $20 total for that same transaction - and that includes the BGC. No fee from the buyer and the seller, just one fee. See if your buyer is willing to come to OC. If not, go to Tigard Pawn 4 More - $25 total - one fee also, no separate fee from each party.

Only time there should be 2 fees if you are each transferring a gun to the other.
Emerald Valley Armory in Creswell charges $20 total. $10 for BGC and $10 for transfer.

My FFL charges $25 and will trasfer 1 or more for the same fee. Order 10 lowers and he charges a total of $25

On the flip side, Mazamas in Eugene charges $50....

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