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Just a heads up to our friends in the area that the National Weather Service has issued a warning.

Event: Winter Storm Warning


* WHAT...Snow, heavy at times, expected. For the warning area,
additional snow accumulations of 4 to 7 inches. For the
advisory area, additional accumulations of 1 to 4 inches

* WHERE...The Warning area includes mountain passes on Interstate
5 from Grants Pass to Roseburg, Camas Mountain on Highway 42,
and Hayes Hill on Highway 199. The Advisory is for valleys west
of the Cascades including the Umpqua, Illinois, Applegate, and
Rogue. Cities affected by the Advisory include, but are not
limited to, Medford, Ashland, Cave Junction, Grants Pass, Shady
Cove, and Roseburg.

* WHEN...For the Winter Storm Warning, until 4 AM PST Monday. For
the Winter Weather Advisory, until 10 AM PST Monday. The heavier
snow on the lower mountain passes is expected Sunday morning.
Road temperatures and spotty precipitation will limit impacts
during the day on Sunday in the lower valleys.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Plan on difficult travel conditions. Be
prepared for significant reductions in visibility at times. Wet
roads Sunday afternoon will likely freeze and turn icy Sunday

* View the hazard area in detail at
<broken link removed>
Instructions: * Travel is strongly discouraged because of dangerous conditions. * If you must travel, keep tire chains, a flashlight, blankets, food, water, medications, and a fully charged phone with you. * The safest place during a winter storm is indoors. * A Winter Storm Warning means that severe winter weather is likely and poses a threat to life and property. Take protective action now. * A Winter Weather Advisory for snow means that periods of snow will cause travel difficulties.
Target Area:
Central Douglas County
Eastern Curry County and Josephine County
Jackson County
Additional details and a hazard area map may be seen here.

Anywho, just passing the word.
Windy , cold but bright and the moment..who knows for sure after I post this...:D
A little bit of snow last night...nothing to worry about however.
Looks to be a good homemade soup or chili day...need to go raid the 'fridge and cupboards....
No sun, but we have had some snow up north in the valley as well. None sticking, and some mixed rain.
I agree with Andy, soup or chili would be awesome today.
I’ll see your soup and raise you a wood stove! LoL
Indeed, it is a good day to stay put and be cozy. We have fire going in the woodstove, I'm burning up a steak I'll share with the Mrs, and little ones are being their silly little selves. I think I'll make the family a nice pot roast and baked potatoes for dinner. :)
And, EVERYONE needs to remember that there is a 40% chance that the Weatherperson will be 20% correct!!!

But, only on a Good Day!;):D:rolleyes:
I was supposed to wake up to 4” of snow today, and I was shocked to see any falling at all! I guess it was one of those good days for the meteorologist.
It is somewhat cold and the sun was shinning for a while but now overcast skies where I live now. Has not started snowing yet. The wife got back Fred Meyer and bought some wild salmon. Cut the salmon is smaller pieces and got the FoodSaver out sealed it up.
Right now we're in the Middle of probably the Strangest "Snowstorm" I've ever seen in the 64 years that I have lived in the State of WA! It's been Snowing all day and not a bit of it is sticking! Just plain Crazy.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
We're getting another snow dump now.

My 2½ year old is quite adamant that trees plus snow equals Christmas Trees. He's not buying any of this crazy crap about "Christmas is over" and "It is February" from the big people. :p

Nothing sticking in Cave Junction. Illinois Valley. Bright sun, then some snow showers. No big deal so far. BUT .... I have a dentists appointment tomorrow afternoon in Grants Pass. I would LOVE TO HAVE ANY convenient excuse to reschedule.

Crown. Possible root canal. Possible extraction. Dunno yet. Pain, drilling, pain, blasting, more pain, screams, puss, blood, etc. :(
Drove down to the Salem area from Silverdale/Bremerton area in Washington this morning.... from Tacoma down past Centralia was like a blizzard at times. Saw plenty of jack-knifed big-rigs off the side of the road, never got stuck in a traffic jam which was shocking to me.

Was just a few snow flurries south of Kelso/Kalama into Portland, then just wet pavement after that.

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