Yes, I am new to the Board! I love, love, love guns. There seems to be an emphasis here on self-defense stuff. I get that. We all want to be secure in our homes and protect our families.

But, . . . . most of my shooting is at the shotgun range and at live birds. I encourage all of you to get out to the shotgun range to shoot skeet, trap, 5-stand, and sporting clays. If you do that, I will try my hand at some three gun stuff, (though at age 63 I might be getting a late start). Just got a Ruger .22 Mark IV target and it is extremely accurate (by a good shooter - not me). I will work my way up to 9mm, .40, and maybe 45acp.


Just got a Ruger .22 Mark IV target and it is extremely accurate (by a good shoot


I highly reccomend the Volqurstern trigger accurizing kit (about $130) as you will go from a 4.5lb trigger to a 2.5lb and can set the pre travel, over travel and reset - makes the gun a lot more accurate and enjoyable to shoot.

Also, I use "the ultimate clip loader" to load my mags and it is a must have ($19 on Amazon) - no sore thumb and it'll load a mag in 3-5 seconds;).

Oh, and I have 5 bird guns and 1 HD shotgun:D:p
Bird hunting guns...
Yeah I have a few...


Here are three of my favorites.
A original ( antique ) Flintlock Fowler in 20 gauge...
Another antique ...this time a combo gun in 12 gauge smoothbore and .44 rifled...
And my first gun that I owned...a Remington Wingmaster from 1962.
All are still used today for shooting and hunting.

Wingshooting and shooting sports / games are a excellent way to familiarize yourself with your gun.
The skills learned and practiced there , can be used for or crossed over to many different types or needs of shooting.
While I wouldn't say quit wasting time on intruder is good to get out and shoot at different types of targets and with a different mindset.
I've shot some trap, not much, but it was fun and I'd like to do it again sometime. But I'm not a hunter, so not much use for me to practice specifically for that purpose. Still, trap is fun, if for nothing else.

That said, my step-father, before he retired, would go hunting for Chukar with his boss once a year. Made some of the best summer sausage I've tasted. Too bad he no longer does that, I miss that sausage.

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