1. fredball

    Man Brings Senior Homeless Dog To The Pet Store And Buys Him Everything He Touches

  2. Lennie

    Pet food shortages leave owners on the hunt for kibble and cat treats

  3. Kruel J

    Man arrested for firing gun in the air to protect pet duck from dog

  4. SonicBlue03

    Marion County has a pet targeting problem

    https://www.koin.com/news/crime/marion-county-family-alarmed-after-second-pet-shooting/ If this were any other forum, I'd write down a Tarantino-worthy list almost fetish-worthy of long-torture/abuse the assailant should suffer upon being caught, but it's NWFA so I'll simply say, "I hope they...
  5. pharmseller

    New neighbor shooting pet deer

    Let’s get a couple of things straight from the get-go: I hunt. I kill stuff. A lot. I also support a person’s right to do whatever with his property, within legal bounds. I have no plans to discuss it with my new neighbor, I just need to vent a bit. I live in the Coburg Hills north of...
  6. DLS

    Accuracy potential ... pet loads for S&W 625 in .45ACP

    Anybody have one of these? What type of accuracy are you getting? I have a new to me 625JM and have been putting it through the paces a bit lately. I had a mishmash of 200 gr. softball loads I used to shoot Bullseye in my 1911. They are plenty accurate in my 1911 but no so much in the...
  7. D

    Anyone else with pet birds?

    We're definitely bird people, 47 (pet) chickens in the front pasture, and a pair of parakeets in the house, until today. Due to a major snow storm that was NOT in the forecast, I've been inside doing some overdue and much needed housework. Decided this would be a great day to let the oven...
  8. Ghoul

    My pet is a freak.!

    Anyone else got a a Freak on the loose. (No shame in his game, Cosmo has been self balding since childhood.) Loud and proud licking like Black ain't fashion faux paux. Who got a crazy critter lookin for a calender spot. Place Firearms apropriot.(spell check.) Critters Here.
  9. Mygrainman

    Feet in ad photos pet peeve.. Armslist for the win!

    So I’ve gone on record several times about my serious pet peeve for seller’s/photographer’s feet being in their ad photos...Can’t do it! The one time I made an exception and tried to make a deal anyway... it didn’t go well. Evidentially Armslist has been paying attention.
  10. DB is Here

    Biggest Pet Peeve

    I was driving home from work recently and I was about 40 minutes into my commute home which normally takes 60 minutes. It was raining and starting to get dark so I turned on my headlights, hit my left hand turn signal and waited at the light to get onto the on ramp to the highway for the final...
  11. sigmadog

    My life in the "lucrative" field of pet paintings

    I've been a bit light on posting to the forum lately because I'm trying to get a little side business going. I figured I might as well let you in on what I've been working on. A little background… For nearly 35 years I've been a self-employed graphic designer and illustrator, but as I look...
  12. Oathkeeper1775

    New Pet Load?

    I've been loading mostly HS-6 in my pistol loads for @8 years; one could come to the conclusion that I'm a Hodgdon fan boy.... My pet load for 9MM, 124G FMJ, XTP, and plated, was 6.2G of HS-6. Today, I tested the same FMJ weight with 6.5G of HS-6 and like it. I believe 6.8G is the max in...
  13. 2

    Pet Sense, or nonsense?

    In theory and concept of an "already existing" sliding patio door. Sliding door (walk through) opening is 34" Add into (essentially take away) the opening, a 16" wide panel, top to bottom. The walk-through area decreased to 18" wide. Analyze the concept from every possible aspect. Share your...
  14. Joe13

    Take care of your pet if you live in SW WA

    Our dog got a damn foxtail down the snoot or throat and is off an on sneezing like crazy. Normally St. Francis 24 hour vet has been very good to us but they don't have a night vet right now (little miffed about being turned away after a 25 min drive out there) they should treat their vets...
  15. Joe13

    Do you plan for your pet in your BoB and EDC carry?

    So... Down to one dog as of recently and he goes everywhere with me now. Does anyone else travel around with a pet? What do you carry for Bugging Home or just plain EDC for your pet/s. So far my list is: -Collar w/tags (he doesn't wear it normally) -Webbed 6' leash -Retractable 20' leash...
  16. Joe13

    Off for awhile to say goodbye to a good friend and pet

    I am usually on here daily but haven't been for a few days and hopefully won't be for another few days or weeks or more hopefully. We had a major shock when we took our youngest dog in for an X-ray for constipation or a possible blockage and they came back with fully mature malignant liver...
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