A diatribe (from the Greek διατριβή), also known less formally as rant, is a lengthy oration, though often reduced to writing, made in criticism of someone or something, often employing humor, sarcasm, and appeals to emotion.

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  1. g.i. joe

    EP Armory Catastrophic Failure & Customer Service Rant!

    Had a catastrophic failure (see pic) on an EP Armory lower I bought and machined several years ago. I sent it in according to their warranty requirements first week in June, along with a request for credit toward an aluminum lower. Long story short, on June 19 they are asking me what my original...
  2. DB is Here

    Biggest Pet Peeve

    I was driving home from work recently and I was about 40 minutes into my commute home which normally takes 60 minutes. It was raining and starting to get dark so I turned on my headlights, hit my left hand turn signal and waited at the light to get onto the on ramp to the highway for the final...
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