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  1. CountryGent

    NAA .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver at the BUG Match

    Interesting results with one of the smallest revolvers available.
  2. Kyrsen

    NAA Pug

    I’ve had it less than a month and finally got to put some rounds through it. 25 TNT Maximags and since I got the conversion cylinder, like 75 .22lr. Awesome little gun. I love it. Not sure if I’ll ever use the tritium sights but they are cool. All in all the gun is gorgeous and super high...
  3. Wombat of Doom

    Casting Sterling Silver Grips for my NAA Mini

    Very rough at this point but will get done up nicely. I always wanted a silver handled derringer.
  4. LuckySG

    Not quite a fire sale, but the prices will be amazing on Saturday!

    I want to first start by thanking everyone for their support in helping me along the learning curve and keeping this effort going. This little business came to be as an ideal earmarked for evenings and weekends to serve an area that was completely forgotten and has been my baby for the last two...
  5. LuckySG

    NAA Belt Buckles Just Might Be the Most Legit Open Carry

    Back ordered no more! On their way next week, who wants to pick one up at only $60? Can also ship for a reasonable price. What? Don't have a NAA revolver to put in your new favorite belt buckle? I can help you with that! Just let me know if you prefer rosewood ($205), pearlite ($214), or...
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