north american arms

North American Arms is a United States company, headquartered in Provo, Utah, that manufactures pocket pistols and mini-revolvers, also called mouse guns. The company was originally named Rocky Mountain Arms when it was founded in 1972. In 1974 it was bought by new owners who renamed the company North American Manufacturing (NAM) and then North American Arms (NAA).

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  1. Kyrsen

    NAA Pug

    I’ve had it less than a month and finally got to put some rounds through it. 25 TNT Maximags and since I got the conversion cylinder, like 75 .22lr. Awesome little gun. I love it. Not sure if I’ll ever use the tritium sights but they are cool. All in all the gun is gorgeous and super high...
  2. S

    New North American Arms Ranger II with 2.5" barrel

    I noticed this video from Shot Show 2019. New North American Arms Ranger II with a longer 2.5" barrel. Cool little break top, now with a longer barrel: The pistol is shown starting at about minute 35 of this video from Shot Show:
  3. SynapticSilence

    NAA Guardian .380

    Just picked this up today. Hard to find. Davidson's only had one in stock on line so I grabbed it. Tiny little powerhouse. Not a lightweight. Solid steel. Sights are minimal but NAA offers slide milling for standard/Novak sights for not that much. But it's not meant for much other than close up...
  4. Joe Link

    North American Arms (NAA) 22 Magnum & Belt Buckle

    When I first saw the NAA 22 magnum belt buckle combo I thought it was a pretty cool novelty. As we've all done with other guns over the years, I didn't buy one because I figured they'd always be available. From what I understand NAA no longer makes the holster. I'd still like to own one, and I...
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