The KRISS Vector series is a family of weapons based upon the parent submachine gun design developed by KRISS USA, formerly Transformational Defense Industries (TDI). They use an unconventional delayed blowback system combined with in-line design to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle climb.

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  1. G

    Looking for a Kriss Vector CRB G2 .45 acp. Oregon retailers anyone? Help please!

    Hey everyone, I’m new here, like the title says I’m looking for a Kriss vector g2 on the .45 platform. I can’t find a retailer anywhere in Oregon. Kriss website says Keith’s sporting goods in Gresham is a retailer but they haven’t answered their phone in days.. I would drive and buy one this...
  2. Hueco

    Why would I not want a Kriss Vector?

    I've been browsing around PCC's lately and finally stumbled on the Vector. This thing seems to tick all the boxes: - swappable lowers - 45acp - short and long barreled versions available (I have to imagine a 45acp out of the 16" barrel would be pretty hard hitting?) - comes in...
  3. Fieryotaku

    Can I use my Kriss Vector 9mm Carbine for 2 Gun?

    I was wondering if I could or whether I should buy another gun like an MPX or EVO. I would be shooting at Tri county.
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