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PSA Stripped Lowers - $29.99/ea


A post from a comment on an Ammoland.com deal thread. The user was Curtis K. Dean who posted the following description of the markings:

HBR – Hebrew Battle Rifle
87 – Popularized by ARFCOM member MarkM as an answer to all stupid questions. “How many mags do I need? 87!” “How many rds of ammo should I have? 87!” “How many guns do you have? 87!”
Foing – A famous typo from former ARFCOM user shaunofthedead whose last known presence on ARFCOM was in a thread he created, asking if he should go or not to an orgy a stranger invited him to. His last post was “#$&^ it im foing”. He has never been seen since.
Arock Babnanas $#%^ Bananas, Also;
AROCK – A former member who earned the ire of ARFCOM by attempting to screw with another member’s employment and livelihood and shall forever bear the stain of infamy. Now slang for any person or the act of attacking someone by trying to get them fired based on any online forum or social media content.
Babnanas – ARFCOM member Only_Hits_Count posted a detailed account of an alleged event involving law enforcement in a publicly available area of the website. Then after was pressed for details send site staff an IMs threatening legal action against ARFCOM. The thread was remembered because of how insane the poster sounded but also because he started the thread by misspelling bananas Multiple times. woohoo- I was arrested at the ghetto grocery store!!!! - AR15.COM?

Hope that helps.



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