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  1. ToyotaMafia

    New rifle stock need any attention?

    Been dreaming about picking up a Marlin 1895SBL for quite a while now. Somehow I was able to talk the wife into letting me buy one for my birthday. ;) This is my first rifle with wood on it and I'm curious about stock care. This rifle is not gonna be a safe queen, it is going in the woods...
  2. P7M13

    Emdity Rifle Stock

    Thought it was spam when it came to my email account. I have two of their stocks. The LSS XL Gen 1 is not as nice as the Gen 2. Sense of humor....
  3. Basedgreaser

    Magpul MOE Rifle Stock

    Just for clarification: so to those that own one, is the stock good(worth the $$)? Hows the cheekwell compared to say a UBR, BCM, or ACS? Hows it handle offhand? Is it flimsy or sturdier compared to others? Ive been interested in this stock for a while as the simplicity of a fixed stock...
  4. RicInOR

    Rifle Stock Selfie Stick

    Words have meaning. Clip. So I was a bit unplussed to read the headline, click bait, pull quote RifleStock for Camera mounts have been around for a long time. I know I considered one while Ronnie was our President. How do you get to "Selfie Stick" Just Fake news or Click bait I...
  5. Andy54Hawken

    So I have this synthetic rifle stock...

    So I have this rifle with a synthetic rifle stock...GASP! :eek::D I would like to make the "plasticness" of it go away...I like the look and feel of the Hogue overmold stocks ...but I can not afford the $230-$260 it costs to get a full bedded one. Anyone ever use "Plastic Dip" spray paint on a...
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