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  1. 2

    MKIV Upgrades - Dino Longueira's "Project X"

    Looking around since getting an MKIV, I come to realize the flashy upgrades are more intended for race guns. I don't want all the bling, necessarily. I found several trigger shoes, but they also come with more bits and pieces, and the price increase. Then I found this one that might be what I'm...
  2. h4344

    $350 Ruger MKIV 22/45 Lite

    Picked up a lightly used 22/45 lite at Safe Fire. Guy brought it in today after putting i'm told about 50 rounds through it and swapped it for a 9mm for self defense. Couldn't pass up the $100 price difference. Cant wait to get a suppressor and low profile red dot on this!
  3. Joe Link

    Browning Buckmark vs Ruger MKIV?

    A .22lr handgun has been on my mind since shooting the rifle stage of the Rimfire Challenge but missing out on the pistol portion. I've been looking at both the Browning Buckmark and Ruver MKIV. Whichever I get, I'd like a model with a rail and a threaded barrel. Anyone have any input?
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