Hand guards are devices worn by athletes in artistic gymnastics. Various types of hand guards are used by gymnasts:
Grips are used on the uneven bars, high bar, still rings and parallel bars to enhance the gymnast's grip and, in the case of bar exercises, to reduce friction between the gymnast's hands and the bar.
Braces do not offer the gymnast any performance advantage, but help to prevent injury by providing support and lessening impact on the wrists and hands.
Wrist guards are usually worn by male gymnasts performing on the pommel horse, and sometimes by female gymnasts on the floor exercise or vault.

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  1. Alexx1401

    ASR Hand guard

    Got the Hand guard for one of my ASR's. Here's some quick pics. Dog had to get in one to see what I was doing. They are dead simple to put on. Hardest part was getting that damn little spring out that keeps the barrel nut from sliding off. After I got the one off I went ahead and took it off the...
  2. 2

    Ladder Rail Covers. Best for cushioned grip.

    Researching into ladder rail covers, and I don't have a clue without hands on. What do you think is best for someone that had their hand (palm) carved on, and why? A rubber type cushioning is what I think I'm after. Above the rail? Flush with the tops of the rail? All the feedback I can get...
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