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Stocks are restraining devices that were used as a form of corporal punishment and public humiliation.

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  1. CountryGent

    The Motley Fool: What a Biden Presidency Means for the Firearms Industry

    Just passing along one analysis: What a Biden Presidency Means for the Firearms Industry
  2. DB is Here

    Build Thread  Boyd Stocks

    Doing a Long Range Rifle build and was curious if any that had the Boyd Stock could share their experience with them...Thank you in advance.
  3. mattnorthwest

    Good places for Mosin-Nagant M44 stocks?

    Got an M44 over the weekend, but it's a bit (a lot..) bubba'd. Looking for ways to bring it closer to former glory. Serials all match, so I'll probably keep the former stock... in the cabinet? not sure. Almost feels like there too much info on replacing the furniture on these, so feeling a bit...
  4. DeanMk

    Gawd I love Mannlicher stocks!

    Check this honey out... A custom Ruger M77 in .250 Savage. Unfortunately, no longer available, but what about a Ruger American Compact in the same chambering. Man that would be nice. Dean
  5. awshoot

    National  Court Ruling on ATF Rule Change re Bump Stocks

    Bumpstocks are a bit of a black sheep and not many people want to take up their legal defense. If this recent decision at the trial court level holds up on appeal, the bumpstock issue could become a real danger to firearm ownership in general: Federal judge upholds ATF ban on bump stocks set...
  6. CountryGent

    Aftermarket Wood Stocks for Deerfield?

    So, I can't help but dig the Ruger Deerfield: semi-auto, 4+1 capacity detachable magazine, .44 Magnum, and made by Ruger. (The latter, say what you will, I've never owned any Ruger that was truly bad, and their aftermarket support has been always helpful.) But I just can't get into the...
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