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  1. H

    PJ Holster review charter arms Bulldog

    Recently received my holster and am very happy. There are lots of companies out there making great kydex holsters but I had a little trouble finding one for the bulldog. Pj holsters had just what I wanted, good quality, retention and price. Worth a look if your holster Shopping.
  2. CountryGent

    Charter Arms in Auto Cartridges?

    These have stuck me as interesting as no moonclips are required and a wheelgun in .45ACP would be nice. One of the reasons I never took the plunge is, as far as I know, they only have snub length barrels. Anyway, has anyone ever shot any of these? How well does the cylinder system work with...
  3. MfnLeadFarmer

    I Became My Father (not a bad thing)

    I finally took the plunge anticipating an all out ban on semiautos (I tend to be a pessimist); and, I bought my first—revolver. This is uncharted territory for me. I grew up shooting the SW J frame my grandpa carried. I guess because I didn’t grow up in the era of wheelguns they’re unremarkable...
  4. DeanMk

    Charter Arms Police Bulldog

    4" .38 built on the Bulldog frame, so its 6 shots instead of 5. Adjustable sights, too, IIRC. Just wondering what your experiences with one were. Dean
  5. C

    Charter Arms owner Nick Eckert called me this morning.

    Nick called in response to a lengthy email I sent Sunday evening About the .41 Special. Nick informed me that he is building a line of .41 Magnum revolvers on the same frame that houses the Bulldog Pug in .45 ACP. Any comments/opinions?
  6. C

    Would anyone like to see a Charter Arms Bulldog Classic in .41 Special

    The Charter Arms Classic Bulldog (with a 3" tapered barrel and no ejector rod shroud) can be had in blued Stainless steel and Plain Stainless. Would anyone like to see this 5-shot revolver built in the .41 Special? If Charter Arms were to build this one, I believe that it would sell. Why...
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