The .25 Short (also called the .25 Bacon & Bliss) is a .25 in (6.35 mm) American rimfire handgun cartridge.
Introduced for the F. D. Bliss revolver in 1860, it was also available in a number of other inexpensive weapons of the period. It was never offered as a rifle caliber.
With a 43 gr (2.8 g; 0.098 oz) outside lubricated bullet over 5 gr (0.32 g; 0.011 oz) of black powder, it is similar in appearance to the .22 Short. Its power is comparable to the black powder loadings of the .22 Long Rifle. It was available from both Remington and Winchester.
The round continued to be commercially available until 1920, but is now considered a collectible.

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