The hobby of collecting includes seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining items that are of interest to an individual collector. Collections differ in a wide variety of respects, most obviously in the nature and scope of the objects contained, but also in purpose, presentation, and so forth. The range of possible subjects for a collection is practically unlimited, and collectors have realised a vast number of these possibilities in practice, although some are much more popular than others.
In collections of manufactured items, the objects may be antique or simply collectable. Antiques are collectable items at least 100 years old, while other collectables are arbitrarily recent. The word vintage describes relatively old collectables that are not yet antiques.
Collecting is a childhood hobby for some people, but for others a lifelong pursuit or something started in adulthood. Collectors who begin early in life often modify their aims when they get older. Some novice collectors start purchasing items that appeal to them then slowly work at learning how to build a collection, while others prefer to develop some background in the field before starting to buy items. The emergence of the internet as a global forum for different collectors has resulted in many isolated enthusiasts finding each other.

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  1. Cape_hunter

    Anyone had a 5d jig collecting dust?

    Found one!!! Looking for a 5d or 80% gen 3 jig to rent or borrow. I'll order new bits and emdmill. Lmk
  2. ROC

    Oregon  Petition 301, Ballot initiative to repeal SB 554, collecting signatures

    I’m with a group collecting signatures for petition 301 at 612 Mollala Ave in Oregon City, Clackamas County Republican Office. We are here until 2 if you are in the area and want to sign. Ballotpedia information -...
  3. nobra25

    new to collecting, long time shooter, born predator.

    I'm a little late on the intro, but I joined about 3 years ago and been lurking around since. have met some great people off this site, and purchased some nice pieces in the last year or so from this site and others. Last year a co-worker asked if I would be interested in buying a gun, it turned...
  4. CountryGent

    Adventures in Surplus: Early Battle-Worn Berthier 1907-15

    Interesting "life" this rifle lead.
  5. ActionHero1980

    Other State  Journalists collecting names of CCW holders

    Apparently the Sutter County Sheriff's office is posting this on social media. San Francisco Chronical is collecting names of California CCW permit holders.
  6. winterveil

    Oregon  Proposed Rulemaking; earlier start date for collecting signatures

    Someone has proposed an amendment to the State Initiative and Referendum Manual. The change would result in an earlier start date for signature collection on prospective petitions related to referenda. While not specifically related to firearm legislation, this would give antis additional time...
  7. CountryGent

    Pistols Taken From the Walther Factory in April 1945

    Some neat-o history in this one.
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