The Nissan Diesel Big Thumb (Japanese: 日産ディーゼル・ビッグサム) was a heavy-duty commercial vehicle that was produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan Diesel (now UD Trucks) and sold between 1990 and 2008. Unlike the successor to the Nissan Diesel Resona, the Big Thumb's size range was primarily available in other big-size trucks.
Most big-size models of the truck are distinguishable by a front 'Big Thumb' badge, but the common Nissan Diesel or UD badge is usually used on the rear.
The Big Thumb was facelifted in 2000 and 2002. The Big Thumb's principal competitors were the Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great, Isuzu Giga and Hino Profia. The Big Thumb has been succeeded by the Nissan Diesel Quon.

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