Nora K. Jemisin is an American science fiction and fantasy writer and a psychologist. Her fiction explores a wide variety of themes, including cultural conflict and oppression. She has won several awards for her work, including the Locus Award, and, as of her August 2018 win, the three books of her Broken Earth series have made her the only author to have won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in three consecutive years.
In 2009 and 2010, Jemisin's short story "Non-Zero Probabilities" was a finalist for the Nebula and Hugo Best Short Story Awards, respectively. Her debut novel, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, was nominated for the 2010 Nebula Award, and short-listed for the James Tiptree Jr. Award. In 2011, it was nominated for the Hugo Award, World Fantasy Award, and Locus Award, winning the 2011 Locus Award for Best First Novel. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms also won the Sense of Gender Awards in 2011.
In 2016, Jemisin's novel The Fifth Season won the Hugo Award for Best Novel, making her the first African American writer to win a Hugo award in that category. Its sequels, The Obelisk Gate and The Stone Sky, won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

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  1. v0lcom13sn0w

    M&P Shield Broke today

    was shooting some winchester self defense rounds(standard pressure) out of my shield 9mm today when it locked open...when i was finally able to get it back into battery this is what i found. ive been carrying this weapon as my EDC. it has less than 500 rounds through it.better to have it fail on...
  2. olyroller

    1911 Broken Barrel

    I have an ATI Officer's model stainless 1911. I know. I know. It was a pity purchase from a friend who needed money. Amazingly enough, that thing was more accurate than it had any right to be. I actually enjoyed shooting it. The other day I was at the range shooting some of my own reloads when...
  3. ZigZagZeke

    Broken Meter

    If you look closely at the sidebar on the right of the screen it says that we "broke the meter" for donations to NWFA's Spring fundraiser. In my mind this has a lot to do with the turnout for our latest Defend the 2A rally. I think both are the result of people finally waking up to the...
  4. Joe Link

    Help Wanted  Broken Links, Photos, and Videos

    Before we migrate to NWFA V4 next year we have a ton of 'housekeeping' to do. One of the things we need to do is eliminate as many broken links, photos, and videos as possible, and the site is simply too big for our staff to tackle this task alone! Helping out couldn't be easier. If you see a...
  5. Vaultman

    HELP!!! Broken Bolt Catch

    My bolt catch broke on my 6.5 CM. Bad part, is it was on a Mega MATEN. Anyone know if there is a replacement bolt catch for this? (Oh Please, oh please... do not let a $10 part take down my whole AR!)
  6. Pittsmaster

    Don't put heavy objects on top of Tannerite....and then FORGET TO LOOK UP!

    My buddy and I put one of those heavy target shooting balls on top of a Tannerite canister and then...well see for yourself in the video...the ball came down, missing my head by a few feet but ended up landing directly on the stock of my buddies Marlin 1895 45-70 that was hanging over the table...
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