M&P Shield Broke today


was shooting some winchester self defense rounds(standard pressure) out of my shield 9mm today when it locked open...when i was finally able to get it back into battery this is what i found. ive been carrying this weapon as my EDC. it has less than 500 rounds through it.better to have it fail on the range than in a life or death situation

i’ll be emailing S&W about this:
ECF0688F-10C0-4632-9593-AD352E1F151A.png 1720205C-E1A0-4C53-A04E-13C9F1E4F9CA.png 5EADE0D4-8165-4604-A62F-F837BD51412F.png 2889AACA-4B27-4151-817C-25BA55FCB70A.jpeg 0A9B9527-8EAC-42C8-9A3F-C59AD9D90AA3.jpeg 37909FD2-F63B-46C9-A0EF-11DA3F5C836F.jpeg
any ideas what could have caused this? maybe it fired not all the way in battery?

:eek: 020E03CB-0B96-49DE-9F3A-131D56745457.jpeg


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Add one more point to the "not gonna buy this" column for a shield. What do you expect out of a sub $300 gun?

Joking aside, I've not heard much bad about them and I'm very surprised to see what looks like what I'd expect the hammer end of punch to look like, not a gun barrel. Did it just not get out on the right track to get hardened? I'm very curious what Smith has to say, and I'm glad this happened in a controlled environment and you're still with us
Wow! I love my Shield and have had no issues. I use mine as an EDC also. I'm not an expert on metals but, that looks to me like a soft metal issue maybe? Following along to see what info is forth coming.:s0155:
They are popular and I haven’t heard anything on failures, so it should be interesting!

Jim Horn

I could be completely wrong on this, but it looks to me like the slide pushed into the top of the barrel which would happen with a hot load and a barrel that didn't pivot down from the ejection port well enough to allow the slide to travel freely. Galling on the barrel, slide, or frame combined with dry (non-lubricated) contact points could worsen this. Any gunsmiths out there want to chime in?

As mentioned, S&W's response will be very interesting!

I really enjoy my Gen1 Shield 9, as seen in my avatar, and am eager to learn more about this (typical engineer!).


I've never seen a pistol do that before...
I'm glad the shield doesn't fit my hand well anyway...
ive never seen it either. im currently looking at my glock(since im carrying it now:)). when i barely pull the slide back and the barrel comes off the locking block the slide comes so close to catching the top lug on the barrel. ive never heard of timing being off on a semi but im not a gunsmith so idk but maybe something is worn on the shield causing that barrel not to tilt out of the way enough??? just a guess. i have no idea


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