firing pin

A firing pin or striker is part of the firing mechanism used in a firearm or explosive device e.g. an M14 landmine or bomb fuze. Firing pins may take many forms, though the types used in fuzes for single-use devices (such as landmines, artillery shells, cluster munitions and grenades etc.) generally have a sharpened point. In contrast, firing pins used in firearms usually have a small, rounded portion designed to strike the primer of a cartridge, detonating the priming compound, which then ignites the propellant (inside) or fires the detonator and booster.
Typically, firing pins or strikers are made from steel, aluminum alloy or titanium. However, for specialist applications such as zero metal mines, non-metallic materials are used e.g. glass ceramic.

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  1. M

    P365 firing pin premature wear...or by design???

    I've had my P365 SAS since April this year and P365XL in May. Put around 150 rounds through each. Mostly Federal Syntech 115, 124, and 147 gr. I've started to notice the spent casing has a slight drag mark on them, this week, when cleaning, I took a closer look at the firing pins and they look...
  2. N

    AR47 Loose firing pin in BCG

    I tried to upload a video but couldn't. I just got my 7.62x39 upper, BCG & magazines delivered today after I got home from shooting! Shout out to Delta Team Tactical. My order went in Friday (Thursday after hours). I didn't expect it for a few weeks at best. Anyway, I was fitting the BCG to the...
  3. OldTengu

    Noticed some unusual wear on AR15 firing pin

    Not sure if it's actually unusual, or if I'm just noticing it for the first time. Roughly a thousand rounds in on my bone stock Ruger AR556, and it looks like the lower ring on the firing pin is being impacted somehow, and is being dented or chipped. Ive replaced it with a new pin, and am going...
  4. D

    Light Strikes with my S&W Revolver

    I own a S&W model 19-3 revolver that I reload for. I go as often as I can to the range to test out my recipes. For the last couple of months, I have been getting the occasional misfire due to light strikes on the primer. I am using CCI 500 brand primers. I know they are light strikes because...
  5. Mike97124

    Winchester Model 100 in .308 1990's Firing Pin Recall Still Active

    Just an update for anyone that has the Winchester Model 100 in 308 and hasn't heard about the firing pin recall from about 1990. I recently had my dad's Winchester .308 passed down to me and found out about the recall. He had bought it new in about 1964 and I remember he got a number of dear...
  6. 40isforme

    1911 firing pin

    Hey all nwfa people I need your help! My buddy was cleaning his 1911 last nightand the firing pin flew into the darkness a man trying to take care of his 1911 was struck with the harsh reality of Springs under tension thats why I need your help dose any have a 1911 firing pin local to the...
  7. Coolhandluke

    LR-308 Firing pin bent.

    Hello all, I've been building a franken-308 for a long time now, and I have had nothing but problems. this rifle is quickly becoming my albatross. My most recent blunder is the firing pin bending towards the back of the pin. I am curious if anyone knows what may cause something like that. The...
  8. spookshack

    AR 9mm firing pin and spring

    Anyone know of a place locally (PDX) area that has a AR 9mm firing pin and spring?
  9. The Heretic

    Laser firing pin and primer

    THE FUTURE IS HERE: LASER FIRING PIN Ignition System of Voere X3 Rifle - The Firearm Blog Requires special primer, but otherwise same ammo Swap out the bolt - laser inside bolt - otherwise, no change to the rifle.
  10. CountryGent

    AR-15 Spare Parts

    As a general rule, I keep a small supply of spare parts of firearms I use a lot. These would be thinkings like firing pins, springs, magazines, etc. Generally, when I break or lose a part, I buy two when replacing said. Anyway, I'm thinking of socking away some spare parts for an AR-15 and...
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