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Locked Up, originally titled in Spanish as Vis A Vis (meaning "face to face"), is a Spanish serial drama television series produced by Globomedia, initially for Spanish Network Antena 3 and later on for Fox Spain. It premiered on April 20, 2015. The series focuses on a young woman who is sent to prison.
On May 26, 2015, Antena 3 renewed the series for a second season. After Antena 3 cancelled the show, on 6 July 2017, Fox Spain announced they had picked up the series for a third season, which premiered on April 23, 2018. A fourth and final season was released in December 2018. The show was shot in Spain.A spin-off entitled Vis a vis: El oasis is scheduled for release in 2020.

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  1. arakboss

    Fixed  Locked ads not showing up in classfied search.

    I was trying to search through locked ads in the reloading classifieds and no results will come up now. Is this a bug or a recent change done intentionally? Edit: The results for "powder" in locked ads shows 14 pages of results but there are no listings on any of those 14 pages.
  2. Hueco

    Automatically delete and remove images from locked ads.

    A member in this thread ( noted that their images were used in a scam long after the ad was closed. In order to combat this, and possible save on hosting bills as well, the suggestion is...
  3. arakboss

    Liking post on locked ad

    I used to be able to like a post in a locked ad. That function is not showing up now, what am I doing wrong?
  4. titsonritz

    Fixed  Locked threads disappear from watched list...

    There seems to be a semi-recent change that removed threads from the watched list, I liked it much better when they still showed up with a lock symbol. Some threads I kept for references are now gone because they are locked. Was this intentional or a product update byproduct and is any chance of...
  5. arakboss

    AR bolt lugs stay locked if no gas system present, correct?

    I want to make extra sure my knowledge is correct regarding operation of AR BCG. Assuming no gas system is present, my understanding is the BCG will remain locked after a cartridge is fired. The bcg would then have to be pulled out of the chamber for the bolt lugs to rotate and allow the bolt...
  6. parallax

    Anyone else getting locked out of there email accounts today?

    I was checking one of my email accounts that i use for various things, was locked out due to "unusual activity". sent a recovery code to my back up email to recover, and that account is also locked out!. checked a 3rd unrelated account , it is also locked out. wondering if this is an isolated...
  7. Helocat

    Oregon  HB 4005 - "Requires owner of possessor of firearm to secure with trigger or cable lock or in locked container"

    HB 4005 is in the "House Committee on Rules" right now. GO HERE: Oregon State Legislature to find who your representative is for your district, contact them! Requires owner or possessor of firearm to secure firearm...
  8. mingus

    finding a classified ad that I locked

    Recently I posted a classified ad for a Surefire Stiletto. It sold, I locked the ad, but now want to give the buyer positive feedback. But I can't find the ad. I suppose it's because it's locked, but Advanced Search doesn't seem to have an option for locked ads. Thanks....
  9. v0lcom13sn0w

    M&P Shield Broke today

    was shooting some winchester self defense rounds(standard pressure) out of my shield 9mm today when it locked open...when i was finally able to get it back into battery this is what i found. ive been carrying this weapon as my EDC. it has less than 500 rounds through it.better to have it fail on...
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