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Fudge Rounds are fudgy, round snack cakes made by Little Debbie. They are made by taking two smaller chewy chocolate cookies and gluing them together with a light brown fudge creme. Finally, the two cookies are striped with light brown fudge.

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  1. Andy

    455 rounds of 7.62x51 on M1A stripper clips and more

    I have 455 rounds of 7.62x51, 147gr ball on M1A stripper clips, 33 additional stripper clips and a ammo box for $250.00 I think most of it is Prvi Partizan and PMC. Not interested in trades, need the money. Please see my other ads.
  2. J

    1000 rounds

    selling 1000 rounds of 556 frontier and American eagle Asking 260
  3. W

    82 rounds of .45 colt

    50 rounds of 255 gr FP 32 rounds of 200 gr xtp/hp will trade for .270 130 gr hornady or 7mm08 139 grain hornady of fair value. open to other trades as well. thanks,
  4. A

    Federal Winchester .270 rounds

    I have 6 boxes of Federal Sierra Gameking 130 grain rounds along with another box with 12 rounds in it. I also have 1 box of Federal 140 grain trophy bonded rounds. I also have 28 brass casings for the 130 grain stuff. $125.00 for all of it. I no longer have my .270 rifle. This ammunition was...
  5. 9mm guy

    What do you do with live rounds you find at the range?

    I think I know the answer to this, but what do you shooting veterans do when you find live rounds on the ground? I'm talking about what looks like a factory bought live round without any damage or markings on it. Do you treat it like a landmine and just discard it carefully? Or do you take it...
  6. D

    300 Savage Ammo 165g 120+ rounds

    300 savage ammo, all handloads. Handloads are being sold as components for disassembly, not loaded ammo. 75 Nosler 165g Accubonds, all hand weighed charges, 210 match grade primers. 47 Nosler 165g Ballistic tip, 200 large rifle primers. All loads are built with 38g IMR 4064, OAL 2.606. These...
  7. randy193

    Ruger AR-15, 5.56. Cleaning out Gun Safe. BRAND NEW and Excellent Condition

    Thinning out the gun safe. Ruger AR-15, 5.56 Approx. 300 rounds have been fired through it. Have original box. Excellent condition. Paid $800 - Will sell it for $625. OBO ALSO Ruger 1022 Takedown, 22 LR - BRAND...