What would you stash in a survival cache?

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by sailorman2010, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Hello. I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the long weekend and turkey day.
    I've been thinking about a buried survival cache for the last six months. I want to get feedback from people that have done it themselves-buried weapons, clothes, storage food, etc?

    I would also like to know what kind/type of containers people used-PVC pipe? Hard case? Barrels? Also, I know locating and environment is factor when burring a cache. A person would want to locate in a place where it wouldn't be easily found by others, but would be easy to find for them when returning to it. Nor, put it in a place where it would be sitting in the water table for six months of the year (unless you took pre-cautions for this) or about to be logged/developed.

    I've been working on a list as of late. It’s a work in progress and is in no way in its final stages of being complete. I would like to add this, most likely it would be made for two people (hence the two ALICE packs), but also I thought it could be nearby a camp/hide. Also, if just one person uses it (me), it could be a stash location where I come back as needed for supplies and exchange items. I thought of a few scenarios.
    One more thing, I know I didn’t add any weapons to the list. That is separate thing I am working on: to cache a rifle, pistol, ammo and supplies. Ideas for this would be nice too!

    Here’s my list:

    • One Hardig (hard-case/water proof) electronics box
    • Plastic storage bags/Mylar bags/food-saver bags-sealed
    • Oxygen absorbers/moisture absorbers?
    • Silicone for hard-case
    • First Aid kit
    • Two sets clothes (warm/cold)
    • 1 Large ALICE pack/1 medium
    • Coat or Rain gear
    • Boots (waterproof/thinsulate)
    • Socks/underwear
    • Gloves (leather & insulated pair)
    • Flash light/head lamp
    • Glow sticks
    • Small camp stove (one burner)/Swiss army volcano stove
    • Fuel/fuel tablets
    • FOOD
    o MRE’s
    o Freeze dried assortment
    o Canned meat?
    • Water Storage
    o Camel bak
    o Canteens
    o 2.5gal water bags
    o Purification tablets/filters
    • Sleeping bag w/all weather cover
    • Tarp (brown 6x8)
    • Para-cord
    • Gerber Hatchet/Saw/Shovel set (small)
    • Leatherman
    • Good knife (x2)
    • Hand & feet warmers
    • FIRE
    o Lighter
    o Matches
    o Flint
    o Steel wool
    o Tinder

    Thanks for advice in advance; I’ll kindly take what I can get. But I do ask that this not be a “rip someone apart thread” please, that I see go on elsewhere in this site :).

  2. 19 Adam

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    Good post Sailorman.
    Looks like you have put some thought into this. The water table also concerns me. Any suggestions on how to keep the water tight cache from popping out of the ground like a cork in times of extra heavy rain. My experience with underground tanks has shown that if they will not be filled with a fair amount of liquid you have to anchor them to large concrete ballasts.

    I hope this thread brings out some good ideas.
  3. sailorman2010

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    Thanks 19 Adam. That will help. Where I am going to stash my supplies it snow's a lot and I have to worry about run off in the spring, but other than that its dry. I guess if I dug on top of a mound/hill it would always be running off.
  4. Just Jim

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  5. skydiver

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    Don't forget the Bible along with everything else.
    Remember the Book of Eli?
  6. slimer13

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    I would stash just enough to get me to my next cache or to my retreat.
  7. doubletap007

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    medications...if you have any codine or antibiotics,sleeping pills,etc incase someone is wounded.
    it may sound funny but tampons to use as field dressing or plugging bullet holes,i also have 2 teenage daughters and i know even something so small and simple is that little normallity in their lives that will comfort them in a crisis and i know the girls will not prepare for themselves,for me a small bible(more important than food or guns).a small am/fm radio to get news about said situation
    a deck of playing cards for the kids(smallest entertainment to keep their minds off the situation)small magnifying glass to start fires when your matches run out.compass.batteries aa and aaa for flashlights and radio,gas mask and filters,2 way radios,almonds are great food for energy and take little space,capri sun juice bags,cleaning kit with brushes for each caliber gun oil and solvent,net to make ghillie and rifle ghillie,flu refief(thera flu)thread and needles to do stiches,30lbs monofilament fishing line for boobie traps and animal traps.
  8. Sabertooth

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    Here is some things to think about. I have young friends who have the same concerns as you.
    Time frame. First 30 days. Panic and hoarding. Food gone, Gas or fuel gone. Electricty gone. Drinking water gone. Gangs begin to form and raid any place that may have food or supply's
    Second 30 days. Starvation has started. Gangs gain strength. Food is now non existant. Canablism begins.
    Third 30 days. starvation continues, violence continures, Canablism continures.
    In the first 30 days the police forces colapse. Marshal law goes into effect, inforced by the military until they run out of fuel.
    It may take 6 months for things to settle down.
    Safe place? Cold war fall out shelters. Underground. Any where near a city or town will not be safe for a year.
    If you have a place in a remote place under ground is still your best bet.
    Learn to garden. .22 rifles, 10000 rounds. well placed shots will take down anything up to a deer. If its silenced even better. One large caliber rifle for each person in your party. More ammo more better. Handguns? I have two.
    Back packs for each person in your party. When you fill up your rig keep in mind that when you run out fuel, you are out of fuel. So its a one way trip for your rig. Getting fuel may cost you your life.
    Remember, what ever you take you have to know how to use, or its usless.
  9. sailorman2010

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    Thanks for the feedback. Just reading your responses made me realize I overlooked several things. I do have a separate list for my firearms cache that I haven’t posted. But, again thanks for the ideas!
  10. knuckle Head

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    While I think the original post was quite detail and good if it is one for you to run to if you had nothing but the clothes on your back.

    But for a bug out or hidden on property cache where you are going from one cache to another, I would have in there just what I need survive fire starting supplies like matches lighter and fuel tablets for cooking, poncho, food, tarp, water purification, water if no source is readily available, food, knife, soap. You get the picture.
  11. MrNiceGuy

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    rice crispie treats... thousands of them.

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