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Yah, is that the one where the gynecologist could easily slip his pinkie up the woman's urethra?
Bob Eubanks has entered the chat :s0114:

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Years of estabilished biology and science certainly is seeing a paradigm shift in treatment though, affirmation care is not widely accepted among professionals and academia... and thats troubling.
Accommodation of mental illness is not "care." It is not helpful for the individual, or society.
I wasn't "citing" Lysenko as such. LOL.

Someone else had already mentioned him in the thread.

The point is that both Lamarck and Lysenko, the latter being a fan boy of the former, shared ideas about inheritance of acquired characteristics. Do you understand how that plays into this discussion?. The person using 50 year old biological paradigms brough it up as a way to support an ideological viewpoint. Tabula rasa, nature-nurture, blah blah blah.

The most current science suggests there are biologicla factors in play which influ ce how gender is expressed. Some hate that idea because they want to blame trans people for being trans, and say things like "it is just mental illness."

For the thousandth time, IDGAF about really any of this. But I find it extremely interesting how much energy has gone into indicting a very small chunk of the population, which, believe or not, is not going to be the ruin of Western civilization.

It is quite terrifying how easily the horse the horse is led to its water, through bumper sticker level discourse.
For someone who doesn't care much about it you sure do seem to send a lot of time on it. Lol
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I think this gendering issue is an anti-Christian, atheist flex. Who's the most notable third person, singular "He?"

Jesus, as in "what would Jesus do?"

"He" would do this. "He" would do that.

Jews have a name for their god, "Ashem," and Christians have "He."

So it's a trans- friendly and anti-Christian, anti-patriarchy three-fer.
This thread has gone so far off the ain't even in the same grid square , let alone map it started in.
Not to forget to mention the numerous rule violations posted within.
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