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I don't blame him I place it on the riders. I have been riding 40 + years and you kind of riders make us all look bad.
Bunch of F@#&!_$ idiots.
More than a few are riding dirt bikes not legal on the street.
Cutting though bike paths .
That's why they can't report it to police.
They have themselves breaking laws .
All over town.


What are your thoughts?
1) You see something, you say something. Particularly if it involves questionable gun ownership behavior that reflects on ALL of us.

2) Involve LE if you are not okay with someone intentionally pointing a firearm at you. (see ORS166.190)

3) Own your contribution to the situation - you can't speak for all the other riders, nor should you be responsible for the other riders behavior.

I'll go out on a limb here and suggest the firearms pointer may not even think he did anything wrong. The last picture looks like he is standing on his property line and slightly reminds me of an incident in St Louis last Aug.
Also, a reminder to all on this forum, be excellent to each other.


Want to ride your bike go somewhere else.
Your no better than Antifa.
GettyImages-685791488-6817eac67e474ccd8d84ff4a80e517cf.jpg 29248.jpg 29248.jpg HI_115201.jpg


Not a single thing anyone did justified this.

Not a single damned thing. Don't even try and justify this guys behaviour by blaming it on people riding motorcycles.

Taking a gun out into a public space, and aiming it at peoples heads is so bubbleguming far down the list of rational responses for this is boggles my mind you would even consider this.
So basically it was just a group ride. Like when we have Bridge Pedal.

I see nothing wrong. Group rides are awesome. Haven't ridden in years but it's always more fun with a big group.


If we were being intellectually honest, we would at least admit the FACT that alleyways are Primarily intended for access by the abutters to the alley and installation and maintenance of public utilities.

If pissing off the locals was not part of the buzz, Post #64 shows where you can make all the F’ing noise you want in a Saturday morning without rattling people’s omelette.


So I took part in a motorcycle event that weaves through Portlands alleys. Some people may have heard of it.
In theory its 100% legal as the alleys are public right of ways. Just the usual legalities apply, speed limits, sort signs, registered vehicles etc. But that is on the individual.

I can get that the hum drum of motorcycles going through the alley is potentially a pain in the butt (bare in mind that 90% of people were out there with the kids waving and having a great time as it's a pretty entertaining spectacle)

But In one alley, a man came out from his house onto public property and pointed a handgun at riders heads as they went past. Handgun raised and pointed in one hand, rifle (maybe a .308 or 30-30) in the other. He positioned himself so people had to go around/near him, some riders being only a few feet away, most going about 5-10mph because there was some congestion. Basically sitting ducks. We were quite obviously motorcycle enthusiasts, quite obviously not menacing nor threatening. There was no political slant at all, we could not have been mistaken for Vegan ISIS or anyone out to cause trouble/damage.

I'm 100% for your/my right to keep arms, I have multiple handguns and rifles. However, this guy is seriously problematic. If some motorcycles riding through an alley that happens to be behind your property is enough for you to snap and go out and threaten dozens of people at point blank then I personally don't think you are fit to keep weapons.

What are your thoughts? I feel like no ones really snitched on him, we all just wanted to get on our way and leave him in the rearview but I do worry about people having future entanglements with this gentleman.
People do crazy stuff. Here in Portland some guy took issue with a fart can Honda auto going by his house and took it upon himself to spear the driver through the head with a steel rod, killing him.
People need to calm down and stop playing Gandalf.


After having read all of the replies, I understand not everyone is a fan of the ride, but even if they destroyed public and private property, is that a capital crime that deserves the threat of death? No, it does not. I would say that unless you are in immediate fear of your life and you have exhausted all alternative actions, pointing a gun at someone, especially with your finger on the trigger, is 100% a crime. That guy is lucky no one attacked him in retaliation and he should have been arrested. His callousness and disregard for human life, along with his intentionally threatening a larger number of people, should result in his prosecution. He should be convicted and have his right to bear arms removed.

Aside from the legality of it, it also paints a terrible picture of gun owners. I get how people can be pushed to the edge, and perhaps the motorcycle riders should be more considerate of others, but I'm a bit shocked that more here are not condemning this man's actions.


Some of you guys really are trying your hardest to exonerate this guy huh.
I’m sure there’s a few bad apples in any crowd but I can assure you that the majority of guys riding today weren’t there to make anyone mad.
And nobody in my post above was TRYING to make anyone mad. They were just being grossly inconsiderate of everyone around them. And no, I'm not defending the 1911 waver. But he wouldn't have been out there waving it if not for a bunch of selfish show offs purposely creating a public nuisance.
Waving guns around and point them at people seems like a first-class way to get shot, at minimum, the cops should have been called so they could have dealt with it.
I totally agree with this post.
If someone is pointing a gun at my they better pull the trigger. Because I will be in defense. That is why I carry for my protection.
The homeowner was out of line and the law need to talk to that person.


For the record, (and I’m horrified people that think doing questionable things on a motorcycle is worthy of potentially being shot over), no one in my group was riding on sidewalks, cycle paths etc.

that particular video posted above would be an extreme example of riders misbehaving.

but the point stands ... you’re not the sheriff, or a judge. Definitely not an executioner. If you see something you don’t like, call the law. Don’t put people in a position where you could kill them for making loud braaap noises.
I am horrified (not really) that you can't read peoples comments without understanding that a member here can call out both behaviors as being wrong here without supporting the neighbor pointing a gun. The vast majority of comments I have read calling out the aggravating behavior of the motorcyclist, also identified the behavior of the man pointing a gun as wrong/illegal.

If you know an activity is going to aggravate and possibly alarm residents, maybe you should consider finding a more appropriate place to do that activity.

1. Guy with gun clearly was in the wrong.

2. The Douches on bikes lacked respect for their neighbors and were most likely enjoying pissing off the community they were riding in.
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