Deadeye, why do you arbitrarily ~choose~ Which thread is a Violation of ~Rules~ ?????

Discussion in 'Questions, Problems, & Feedback' started by BoonDocks36, Feb 21, 2014.

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    The thread "2amendment & transparency in Government" is in the Off Topics forum, and my personal view, worth a cup of coffee, if I have a Fiver with it, is that UNLESS, and Until members start "dismembering other posters" Threads should just be left alone by moderators.

    Did you have a "Report" by some one on that thread??? Why not make a "moderators decision" and let it go ????

    Copping out, on the Rule 9 clause, is not happening on the "Do you believe in Global Warming" and if ~any thread~ In the Off Topics Forum ~is~ politics, it is THAT THREAD... But It continues, with Liberal Trollers taking Snide Remarks upon legitimate science, posed by Conservative Minded members.

    the recent thread ~About Why are some Threads CLOSED~ had Joe, and other Moderators commenting upon an issue, that the THREAD, I am referring to ~is About~ and yet you sit behind your keyboard and post "Rule #9" like it is not a flexible rule, even in What is Supposed to Be a Flexible Forum.

    Please give Us, the Forum Members, the Curtosey of a reply to this Question, and not just close or remove my thread....

    Sincerely Posted,

    from the BoonDocks, after a Great cup of Coffee, not late at night, like I wanted to post Last night....

    IOW, after I slept upon my question, not Leaping to post, without thinking. This is A Good Website, it could be Better, with out Arbitrary decision making, by a ~very small~ number of moderators......

    A copy has been saved, for prosperity.
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    You did right by PM'ing me about this. You did wrong by creating this thread. Calling out the moderators for their actions is silly when you can speak directly to me. If they made a mistake I'll correct it and talk to them about it.

    I'll go ahead and take this opportunity to reply to your PM in public, since it's the same as this post.

    Hello Philip,

    Thank you for the PM. The moderation here has been inconsistent, to say the least, I'm with you on that. I've been working 80-90 hours per week since November, between my day job and redesigning the next version of Northwest Firearms, which is set to go live on March 1. After the launch of the new site I'm confident you will see a change in not only the consistency of moderation, but transparency as well. To be honest, this current software and lack of moderators makes it difficult to keep up. With me working on the redesign the few moderators we do have really lack direction. It's not as if they don't ask; they do. This is on me.

    I did not talk with deadeye about the closing of the thread. I agree there are many other non-firearm political threads that are in violation of the rules and need to be closed, but that does not negate the rule. If you see these I'd appreciate it if you'd report them. Believing it should be a flexible rule or that off topic should be a flexible section doesn't make it so, but if you'd like to discuss it I'd be more than happy to do so.

    I'm always up for discussion on the rules, policies, procedures, or any other aspect of this site.

    Looking at the thread, I'll tell you that adding 2A to the title of a thread that clearly has nothing to do with the Second Amendment still doesn't get around the non-firearm political rule. Nor does posting it in off-topic. This rule is not a 'cop-out', I've made it perfectly clear our position on this, and I'd be happy to reiterate if need be.

    I'll make an exception and keep this thread open because I know there are others who feel the same as you do, but I'm moving it to the Questions, Comments, Ideas, and Announcements section where it belongs.
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    Joe, I hit like on this, because I Just Found It.... Wondering where ~It~ Had gone to :D

    I found it, from the thread moved here today... And Only because I went to the top, to "refresh the page" which I have not done, since I am reading this????? LOL it is hard to be "me" when I am sick... The virus trying to grab my Throat and wring it toll I cough & hack my brains out.... Damn that clerk... See other thread.

    I now understand, Why I got the "resign the rules" ... But guess what?

    Re-Reading them, I Still did not see the Rule 15, when I signed it!!!

    WHY???! When I ~just Re-Read~ them Now, present tense, I noticed the ~Positioning~ Of the Rule, as following all the Rule 14 "bulleted" sub parts... It conflicted with my reading skills... Not trying to flake out on My Responsibility in reading...

    Just saying as a CONTRACT, it realistically could / should be as a Subset of Rule 8, it is not a separate issue!!! We all know, sort of, How to Read, but comprehension is a subset of Emotions... And I was HOT, being asked to re-Sign, (I made that a point in the thread you moved here, today) being I was ~emotionally Not On Top~ .... My reading comprehension was not ~On The Ball~, either!!!!

    Having sat on a Union Contractual Committee, where we Re-Wrote entire Sections, (for our benefit, don' cha Know...) I saw how using Bullets and Sub Grouping common ideas was better than having them separated... In this case Rule 8, to Rule 15 = off subject by Seven Rules... It simply was passed over in my mind, Bullet, Bullet, Bullet, etc.

    To the point: I now, Fully understand Rule Fifteen... Even if its Rule 8 B. In my brain, OK???

    Again, thank you for your Website... And I look forward to March Ninth.

    Now, if you pass me the Brandy, I will Medicinally Terminate the BUGS in my throat... Well it sounds like a good idea, even though I have 25 years of Sobriety... I just realized I have been saying 22 years, for almost Three Years in a Row!!!!
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    Boon, it's good that you are bringing an issue up for the forum to evaluate. That is always welcome here.
    I've watched the other critical threads, and held back commenting because I don't like to argue on a keyboard. I prefer debates in person. This is a personal flaw, because I'm not good at typing what I mean and have it received as I intend.

    That said, calling out a specific mod, is not as productive as
    PMing him personally.
    I hate saying "It's against the rules" because that makes me sound like a "heavy handed, power hungry, elitist" mod.

    Deadeye has done a lot more work on this site than any other mod. He is a good guy.
    I've made mistakes in moderating this forum. Joey has, Deadeye has, Trlsmn has, Wichaka has, as well as the rest of the staff.
    For that I apologize.

    Bringing up issues in the public forum is important and welcome. It helps with bringing the whole forum into the conversation and help staff re-evaluate the direction of our...... Moderating.

    I think a lot of the frustration is because some members think the staff doesn't care about the member issues. This is not true.

    The issue of transparency. I think all mods should sign every post they edit or delete. I have always done this, but I may have missed a couple in the past. If I don't sign one, I should be called out, and made to do so. Maybe not in the public forum, but by PM.
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    Not to be a suck-up, but all-in-all, I think the moderators do a good job here. There are some sites that will ban you at the drop of a hat and are way too politically correct. Of course, there is always room for improvement but we do have it pretty good here.

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