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  1. C

    Barrel Threading in PDX Area?

    Looking for tried and true gunsmilth or machinist in PDX area who does barrel threading for suppressors. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. J

    Barrel threading? Who does it?

    Hello my fellow Americans.. I recently purchased two rifles, both .22LR, both with unthreaded barrels. I am currently in process with the ATF to get a .22 suppressor and would LOVE to get my 2 new rifles threaded IF FEESABLE! I am looking for suggestions to any gun Smith who has done good work...
  3. joken

    Barrel threading cost

    I have a couple of suppressors coming within the next year and am curious about what it costs to have a barrel threaded, heavy, and sporter?
  4. Blkpowderbeard

    AR barrel threading

    My local gunsmith wants over 200 to thread a ban era bushmaster AR. He’s pretty backed up as well. Any machinists or smiths want to give a brother in arms a quote? I think it’s a 16.25 in barrel with the rifle length gas system/a2 front post sight. Thanks!!
  5. Gonzales

    Tikka T3x Superlite Barrel threading?

    Anyone try to thread the 6.5 Creedmoor barrel? From my research, most folks cut them down from 24” to 22”. I still need to measure my barrel, but here is what I found online. ”The Tikka has a barrel diameter of 0.625" at the muzzle, and 0.635" 1 inch back.” -Matthew
  6. rob1516

    10/22 barrel cut/threading in SE PDX area?

    for factory blued tapered 10/22 barrel
  7. CountryGent

    Barrel Threading in Southern Oregon?

    So, I have had most of my barrels threaded, along with other work, by an out of state company called Saxonville Armory. I have a, relatively, inexpensive .22 that I would like to thread ½x28 for use with a silencer. As it is just that one gunsmith job and it is a plinker, I'd rather do so...
  8. 68w

    Barrel threading

    Looking to have my Rem 700 LR barrel threaded to add a brake. Can anyone recommend a reputable shop somewhere between Buckley and Bellevue? Thinking about possibly cerakoting all the stainless black as well, so if they can thread the barrel and coat the rifle all in one go that's even better.
  9. v0lcom13sn0w

    Barrel Threading

    Anyone here know a good place to get a couple Savage barrels cut and threaded? rough estimate on cost? one is a savage 10 in .308 and the other is a 116 stainless in 300WM. im wanting 5/8x24 threads. i checked out tornado technologies. they seem legit. was more after helpin out a member of this...
  10. L

    barrel threading on Romanian SAR-2?

    Can any one recommend a smith would could thread a Romanian SAR-2? The purpose would be for suppressor mounting, so strict bore alignment is critical. It's an existing rifle so the barrel is mounted in the receiver and i don't have the ability to take it off, so there's that hitch too.
  11. billhilly

    300 win barrel threading question

    I just purchased a rem 700 5-r 300 win mag. I would like to have the barrel threaded for a compensator and supressor. I was told from a gunsmith that the threading is different between the two. I don't understand why this would be... Can you get a compensator in the same threading as a supressor?
  12. dirtyd

    Barrel threading in Western WA

    Hey all, So I searched the forum and found another barrel threading thread in the Seattle area but 2 of the 3 smiths that were recommended do not do barrel threading and the thirds contact information seems to be bad. I live in the Bothell area but am fine with anything in the...
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