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  1. ZigZagZeke

    Looking for Small, Light 10mm Semi-Auto

    Recommendations? And...they're off and running....
  2. M14Sarge

    Buying a Semi-Auto rifle outside of WA State

    I live in Washington and am not planning on buying anytime soon, but just for future reference, are there any particular laws regarding buying out of state? For Example: Oregon?
  3. GOG

    Black Aces semi-auto shotguns?

    I'm intrigued. They make a modified Mossberg Shockwave pump and a semi-auto that I believe is a cut down 930. The wood stocked semi is gorgeous and priced around $550. But the synthetic, while not as sexy looking will do quite nicely. I'm thinking of it as a truck gun. I had a Shockwave & it...
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