The Akdal MKA 1919 is a gas operated, semi-automatic shotgun that resembles the M16 rifle and mimics the layout and placement of some of the controls. It was created by Turkish company Akdal Arms. The MKA 1919 uses a conventional gas-operated action which is located around the support tube that runs below the barrel. The return spring is also located around the same support tube which is concealed by an enlarged polymer handguard. The MKA 1919 barrel can be quickly removed from upper receiver. To charge the rifle, the charging handle on the receiver must be pulled. The upper receiver is manufactured from an aluminum alloy while the lower receiver, along with pistol grip and shoulder stock, is manufactured as one piece from impact-resistant polymer. Akdal MKA 1919 semi-automatic shotgun has a 5-round detachable box magazine. It has a bolt release identical in location and function to the one on the M16. Manual safety also duplicates M16-style being located on the left side of the receiver above the pistol grip. Standard sights include a front post installed on the M16-style removable base and a detachable M16A2-style carrying handle with built-in diopter sight. On the upper receiver, an integral Picatinny rail exists which will accept detachable carrying handle or optional red-dot or other optical sight attachments.

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  1. Capn Jack

    MKA 1919 12 GA. Magazines

    Does anyone else have difficulty loading the MKA 1919 magazines?:eek: Is there some magic trick?:confused: It seems like the raised areas pressed into the sides of the magazines are in just the right place to interfere with the rims of the cartridges.:mad: Between those and what seems like an...
  2. Capn Jack

    MKA 1919 Semi Auto 12GA.

    I have one of these on the way and I'm looking around for a better sight arrangement than the carrying handle and the front tower. I'm thinking along the lines of a "Fiber Optic", Ghost Ring etc. I don't want a Red Dot, as I maybe wing shooting as well as turkeys, or other stationary game.:)
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