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  1. OrdinaryJoe

    National  Mass: AR-15 and hi-cap mags not protected by the 2nd Amendment?

    Looks like a Federal District judge in Massachusetts said that AR-15’s and high capacity magazines are not protected by the 2nd Amendment. He quoted Scalia to support (or provide precedent?) to his decision. Court rules Second Amendment doesn't protect AR-15, assault rifles and large capacity...
  2. CountryGent

    Semiauto Portuguese AR-10 on a Sendra Receiver

    I found this video on a vintage rifle pretty neat-o, so am passing along. Cheers.
  3. Slobray

    Washington  SB 6620- "Assault Weapons" re-branded (same definition as SB 5444)

    The gun haters in the legislature are at it again and have re-branded the term "assault weapons": they're now called "Semiautomatic rifle or shotgun with tactical features". They're trying to sneak in through by adding it to their newest bill (introduced yesterday) - SB 6620-Improving security...

    Anderson Manufacturing A2 Skeletonized Semiauto Tactical Rifle - $149.88 shipped

    Anderson Manufacturing A2 Skeletonized Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle - $149.88 (Free S/H over $50 w/code "FREESHIP")

    CZ 512 Tactical .22 WMR 16.5" 10 Rd Semiauto Rifle - $399.99 (free in-store pickup)

    CZ 512 Tactical .22 WMR 16.5" 10 Rd Semiautomatic Rimfire Rifle - $399.99 (free in-store pickup)
  6. Boboclown

    Which semiauto .308?

    Which one should I look at? The Galil Ace isn't really cutting it for me. Considered a Vepr but since they're now being sanctioned they're off the list. Want something budget friendly, no ARs.
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