Tokarev (or Tokaryev) (Russian: Токарев), or Tokareva (Токарева), is a Russian surname, derived from the word "токарь" (turner). Notable people with the surname include:
Anton Tokarev (b. 1984), a Russian skater
Boris Tokarev (athlete) (1927–2002), a Russian athlete
Boris Tokarev (actor) (b. 1947), a Russian actor
Fedor Tokarev (1871–1968), a Russian arms designer and later Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR
Nikolay Tokarev (b. 1950), a Russian businessman
Viktoriya Tokareva (b. 1937), Russian writer
Willi Tokarev (b. 1934), Russian and former expatriate Russian-American singer-songriter

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  1. ORGunGuy77

    Tokarev Slide Issues

    Hey everybody, I got a(nother) Chinese Tokarev recently and took it out to the range, where I encountered an issue with the slide not going fully into battery, and getting hung up while closing. If I gave it a slap it would go into battery and function as normal. I tried this with different...
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