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    TAGUA Paddle Holster - Colt Mustang Pocket Lite - Feedback

    TAGUA Paddle Retention Holster - Colt -Mustang - Pocket Lite. ***Feedback for anyone else, looking into them.*** Fitment of the gun = VERY sloppy Sending it back.
  2. B

    Bullitt Mustang from movie up for auction

    No affiliation whatsoever, just pretty cool... Jay Leno driving Boss
  3. 2

    Sig P238 / Colt Mustang <> 380 <> Pocket Holster <> Needing Suggestions

    Those of you who pocket carry these little 380 auto pistols, I'm in need of a holster. There are LOTS of them out there to look at, and several are tempting to my lure. I'd rather not play the buy it/try it game. I have not decided if I want to carry front pants pocket, or a wallet...
  4. L84Cabo

    If You Are A P-51 Mustang Fan...

    ...Go read this! :) An Experience to Recall | For God's Glory Alone Ministries "An Experience To Recall"
  5. Pops1911

    Vintage Colt Mustang .380

    Hello All. Its been awhile since I posted anything and I was curious to see if anyone has or had [sorry about your boating accident] a Colt Mustang .380. I came into possession of an early model one several years ago. Pretty scarred up as evidently the former owner was not too careful about...
  6. old11bravo

    Didn't you know? It's National Mustang Day!!

    Think I'll go out and do a few brodies in honor! Happy Mustang Day!
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