1. Nutty4Guns

    Colt Mustang Nitelite restoration project

    Just thought I'd share my little restoration project of a Colt Mustang Nitelite in case anyone is interested. I'll give some before pics and some in progress pics. Then, if all goes to plan, the final, after pics. And yes, I know that refinishing a rare gun may lower it's value...
  2. 2

    TAGUA Paddle Holster - Colt Mustang Pocket Lite - Feedback

    TAGUA Paddle Retention Holster - Colt -Mustang - Pocket Lite. ***Feedback for anyone else, looking into them.*** Fitment of the gun = VERY sloppy Sending it back.
  3. B

    Bullitt Mustang from movie up for auction

    No affiliation whatsoever, just pretty cool... https://www.mecum.com/news/2019/08/14/mecum-unveils-bullitt-mustang-hero-car-to-be-auctioned-at-kissimmee-2020/2646/ Jay Leno driving Boss
  4. 2

    Sig P238 / Colt Mustang <> 380 <> Pocket Holster <> Needing Suggestions

    Those of you who pocket carry these little 380 auto pistols, I'm in need of a holster. There are LOTS of them out there to look at, and several are tempting to my lure. I'd rather not play the buy it/try it game. I have not decided if I want to carry front pants pocket, or rear..like a wallet...
  5. L84Cabo

    If You Are A P-51 Mustang Fan...

    ...Go read this! :) An Experience to Recall | For God's Glory Alone Ministries "An Experience To Recall"
  6. Pops1911

    Vintage Colt Mustang .380

    Hello All. Its been awhile since I posted anything and I was curious to see if anyone has or had [sorry about your boating accident] a Colt Mustang .380. I came into possession of an early model one several years ago. Pretty scarred up as evidently the former owner was not too careful about...
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