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44 mag

  1. .45's and .38's

    I need 44 Mag or 44 SPL

    let me know
  2. Rmeyersick

    (Price Drop) New Model Ruger SBH 44 Rem Mag + Ammo

    Like new, Ruger single action super black hawk revolver. Stainless steel, 7.5 inch barrel, comes with hard case and two full boxes of 240 Gr Winchester 44 rem mag ammo. Selling to cut down on my collection. Cash only, willing to meet at a licensed FFL dealer between Vancouver and Corvallis...
  3. J

    Bulk 44 mag bullets.

    Looking for a place to get good jacketed 44 mag bullets in bulk.usuall places only have lead and I’d like to get some jacketed ones.
  4. J

    WTT for 44 mag set up

    Looking to trade for your unwanted or extra 44 mag dies,brass,bullets. I’d prefer lee dies with the factory crimp die. I Have for trade a hornaday cam lock trimmer, Hornady lock and load powder measure, RCBS 9mm die set, some 150-160 grain 308 bullets,250 9mm hst bullets(pulled), 250 ss109 62 gr...
  5. M

    WTS S&W fixed sight 629

    Smith & Wesson model 629-8 with a 3" factory ported barrel and Fixed Sights. This is a performance center gun and has a drift adjustable front sight, but a fixed rear notch. It comes with the original S&W aluminum case and all the paperwork. It's probably unfired, but there is a slight "drag"...
  6. M

    Ruger Blackhawk 44 mag 5.5” stainless

    Excellent condition new model Blackhawk 44 mag with hogue grips.
  7. M

    Taurus 44 mag 6.5”

    Excellent condition stainless 44 mag. Less than 50 rounds.
  8. B

    Colt SS Anaconda 44 mag, 6"

    This is a lightly used Colt Anaconda. Time to purge hard kicking revolvers from the group.
  9. Y

    Taurus ultralite 44 mag revolver PRICE LOWERED

    Up for sale is my taurus ultralite 44 mag... this thing is LIGHT. Real big boom... fun to shoot. Probably has 50-75 rounds through it at most. Might be even less, I took it out 2-3 times and shot a few times. NOTICE: I cleaned the gun after this pic, I promise it is in much better condition...
  10. Magnumjohn

    Best 44 mag ammo for deer?

    I've been thinking the Hornady leverevolution, or maybe some extreme penetrators..I want good knock down power but good penetration as well...hunting with a henry big boy
  11. Magnumjohn

    44 mag henry carbine hunting

    I have Henry 44 mag carbine that hold 7 rounds mostly everywhere I read you can't have more than five rounds I was just wondering if it would be legal for me to hunt with it I don't see why not my only question is the fact of it holding 7 rounds going to be an issue?