Multi is a shortened form of "multiple". It may refer to:
Alternate character in online gaming
Multi 2 diamonds, a contract bridge convention
Multirhyme, a synonym for feminine rhyme used in hip hop music
Multi (To Heart), a character from the visual novel and anime series To Heart
Multi-touch display

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  1. DuneHopper

    What firearm calibers allow multi caliber use?

    What Firearms or rounds interchange as in Allow Multi Calibers ? Not with standing the 38sp in a 357 or .223/5.56 Was wondering what other firearms or calibers are interchanged, friend an I were discussing it and thought would be a good topic of discussion.
  2. HeavyfootHick

    Multi attachm Pistol holster ques?

    Can anyone suggest a pistol holster system or style that would allow me to carry inside my "go bag" via Molle attachment and remove the holster from the bag to wear on my person. Would a belt clip style provide adequate retention on the Molle system?
  3. B

    Do I need a multi season permit to hunt during firearms and archery seasons?

    It's not 100% clear from the WDFW book, but I'm assuming if I want to hunt deer in WA with modern firearm during modern firearm season, and then also with a bow during archery season assuming I didn't get anything during the previous season, I'd need the multi season permit? I can't just get...
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