Signal, signals, signaling or signalling may refer to:

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  1. ATCclears

    Signal Provides Only Two Timestamps as Response to Grand Jury Subpoena

    Signal says it can provide only a couple of timestamps in response to a grand jury subpoena for user data that it recently received from the District Court for the Central District of California. The official document requests a large amount of user information from the end-to-end encrypted...
  2. ATCclears

    WSJ - privacy comparison of Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, iMessage

    I've included screen shots of the newer Privacy Labels that are now required of apps in the Apple App Store. Net: per the article, Signal is probably the best for privacy overall...
  3. teflon6string

    Oregon  "BATFE_Surveillance" WIFI signal at Albany Lions Gunshow

    Attended the excellent Albany Lions Gunshow at Linn County Fairgrounds yesterday (01-13-18) and texted my buddy in Portland to ask him what kind of mags he wants. My text didn't transmit from inside the hall, so I looked for a free WIFI signal and found one. Text sent (he's looking for...
  4. A

    Signal Cannon

    Recently I found this at an estate sale. I am not a collector nor do I have knowledge in any way about signal cannons. Could some of you help me with determining what this is, date it if possible, and, if it is a small cannon what form of carriage it should be placed on for it to resemble the...
  5. The Heretic

    Sitting in traffic, Emergency Radio signal interrupts station...

    Caught my attention today going home from work early. I am sitting there and thinking, oh great, were gonna get nuked and I am sitting here stuck in traffic!:eek: It was a weather alert for the thunderstorms in the Cascades, but it sure got my attention, because until they get into what it is...
  6. h4344

    Turn Signal Poll

    Do you use them? I do, but driving around these past few months i'm starting to think people have no idea that they exist. I EXPECTED MORE FROM MY FELLOW PORTLAND DWELLERS!!!
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