Blank may refer to:
Blank (archaeology), a thick, shaped stone biface for refining into a stone tool
Blank (cartridge), a type of gun cartridge
Blank (Scrabble), a playing piece in the board game Scrabble
Blank (solution), a solution containing no analyte
A Planchet or blank, a round metal disk to be struck as a coin
Application blank, a space provided for data on a form
Key blank, an uncut key
About:blank, a Web browser function
Created works
Blank space, a song by Taylor Swift
"Blank" (Eyehategod song), a track on the album Take as Needed for Pain
Blank (film), a 2009 French film
The Blanks, an American a cappella group
Blank (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain
Blank! a short story by Isaac Asimov
Blank (horse), a Thoroughbred racehorse and sire
Blank (surname)
Also "Blanks"
Blanks, Louisiana, an unincorporated community in the United States
Ernests Blanks, a Latvian publicist.

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  1. djblingbling1

    National  Does no barrel or a not barrel (like a blank) length make a rifle an SBR?

    This is an oddball for sure. If I took a rifle, and remove the barrel im 99% sure that does not make it an SBR, BUT lets say I add a barrel blank, barrel being defined as having a bore, at 12" just to see how it might look when I get a stamp or to test fitment, does that make it an SBR as its...
  2. No_Regerts

    How to Get a Blank Stare from a Mall Ninja

    Notice those guys who seem to spend thousands of dollars making SPR clones or M40 clones and get everything painted “battle worn”? If you are tired of them blabbing on and on about the new 18 inch rail they put on their SBR..... Just ask them how their gun shoots!
  3. sed

    Blank Box - Package Thief Deterrent

    Check out this invention from a man in Tacoma, WA: Blam! Man fed up with package thieves uses, sells booby-trapped box that sends crooks running Guy was tired of packages being stolen off his front porch. He set up a bait package with fishing line and 12 gauge shotgun blanks rigged to fire if...
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