Blank may refer to:
Blank (archaeology), a thick, shaped stone biface for refining into a stone tool
Blank (cartridge), a type of gun cartridge
Blank (Scrabble), a playing piece in the board game Scrabble
Blank (solution), a solution containing no analyte
A Planchet or blank, a round metal disk to be struck as a coin
Application blank, a space provided for data on a form
Key blank, an uncut key
About:blank, a Web browser function
Created works
Blank space, a song by Taylor Swift
"Blank" (Eyehategod song), a track on the album Take as Needed for Pain
Blank (film), a 2009 French film
The Blanks, an American a cappella group
Blank (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain
Blank! a short story by Isaac Asimov
Blank (horse), a Thoroughbred racehorse and sire
Blank (surname)
Also "Blanks"
Blanks, Louisiana, an unincorporated community in the United States
Ernests Blanks, a Latvian publicist.

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