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  1. gryghin

    Las Vegas PD and 3 Citizens stop active shooter

    Didn't see this on here. Figured its worth sharing. Key take away for me is to always be prepared, even when close to home.
  2. RicInOR

    Other State  KS - Leavenworth - Fort Leavenworth Soldier Ends Active Shooter Situation

    Fort Leavenworth soldier saves 'countless lives' by ending active shooter situation on bridge "LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — An active-duty soldier at Fort Leavenworth intervened in an active-shooter situation Wednesday morning on Centennial Bridge in Leavenworth, Kansas, and "saved countless lives,"...
  3. awshoot

    Good Guy W/ Gun

  4. titsonritz

    Active shooter - New Jersey

    Dead: one cop, two suspects, three civilians. Six dead, including a cop, after two-hour shootout in New Jersey
  5. Aispuro

    Washington  Active Shooter Vancouver , Washington

  6. O

    Oregon  Active shooter Salem dhs

    So this is just buzz right now can anyone confirm?
  7. pdempsey1097

    Other State  Active Shooter(s) in Midland, Texas

    Listening to it unfold on scanner now. Reports of 2 possible shooters in separate vehicles. Fox News is reporting “dozens” injured
  8. oneharmonic

    National  Man decides to open carry an AR at a WalMart in Missouri today...

    It went exactly as you would expect after El Paso. The guy is lucky to be alive and should be charged. https://www.ky3.com/content/news/Heavy-police-presence-at-Walmart-Neighborhood-Market-in-south-Springfield-528602951.html
  9. E

    Active shooter: Gaston - Scoggins valley (hagg lake)

    Beware of the area. 2 officers have already been hit. Listening to the scanner now. Sounds like its still active. Washington County Law Enforcement Live Audio Feed https://twitter.com/WashCoScanner Edit: SHOOTER DETAINED IN CUSTODY NOW.
  10. Melmelhunter

    Other State  Just heard of another active shooter Dayton Ohio

  11. mrblond

    Other State  Active shooter in Texas

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/el-paso-active-shooter-walmart-mall more ammo for those who wish to disarm us..:(
  12. pdempsey1097

    Other State  Active Shooter at the Gilroy Garlic Festival

    As of now - 1 dead 13 wounded. Shooter at large. I lived in Morgan Hill (very close) for 15 years, and have been to the Festival. Gilroy has lots of gangs these days. I'll be surprised if this doesn't turn out to be gang related. Of course, calls for gun control should begin any minute now.
  13. DirectDrive

    Active Shooter Foiled by CHL Patron

    Gunman On Rampage At Walmart Is Shot And Killed By Two Concealed Carriers
  14. slimmer13

    Washington  Active shooter reported at CWU

    No details Police respond to active shooter situation at Central Washington University
  15. I

    Krav Maga in Pdx (Free Class)

    I fell in love with Portland Krav Maga Self-Defense and Fitness after taking my granddaughter to a couple of their Women's Defense Seminars. I was so impressed that I started taking regular classes there myself. Right now they're offering a free trial class at this link: Free Trial Classes...
  16. Kruel J

    Other State  Active shooter reported near Mercy Hospital in Chicago

    This is breaking news. More info will be added as it's available. 1 suspect shot, multiple victims after reports of shots fired near Mercy Hospital: police
  17. RicInOR

    National  FBI Active Shooter Report - John Lott analysis

    The Problem With the FBI's 'Active Shooter' Data | RealClearPolitics
  18. RicInOR

    Other State  PA - Blanks to be fired during active shooter drill at local school

    Blanks to be fired during active shooter drill at local school What could go wrong?
  19. Kruel J

    Other State  Active shooter at Wright-Patterson AFB

    ATF: Reports of active shooter at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  20. slimmer13

    Other State  Active shooter reported an Texas mall

    Zero details Active shooter reported at Texas border town shopping mall
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