A stabbing is penetration with a sharp or pointed object at close range. Stab connotes purposeful action, as by an assassin or murderer, but it is also possible to accidentally stab oneself or others. Stabbing differs from slashing or cutting in that the motion of the object used in a stabbing generally moves perpendicular to and directly into the victim's body, rather than being drawn across it.
Stabbings today are common among gangs and in prisons because knives are cheap, easy to acquire (or manufacture), easily concealable and relatively effective. In 2013 about 8 million stabbings occurred.

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  1. ATCclears

    Vancouver, BC - 1 dead, six injured after mass stabbing at Library

    Ban the knife!... https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/woman-dead-6-injured-after-stabbings-library-canada/AVDPDBAXTVGJVLUQGB4BI6SILI/
  2. ATCclears

    Yelm, WA - Thurston County Deputy stabbed, suspect shot

  3. slimmer13

    At least they weren't shot (CA stabbing spree)

    Evil will always find a way https://www.foxnews.com/us/southern-california-suspect-kills-4-injures-2-in-series-of-stabbings-robberies
  4. ATCclears

    Seattle - Man stabs three people, removes clothes, runs away naked

    Police arrest naked man after random stabbings in downtown Seattle Let's be careful out there...
  5. Carbon

    Washington  Armed bystander intervenes after Seattle Center stabbing

    Armed bystander intervenes after Seattle Center stabbing
  6. Kruel J

    9 wounded (6 kids) in Boise stabbing attack

    Stabbing suspect attacked victims during a 3-year-old's birthday party Wow, not the Boise I remember. And the POS went after a bunch of kids....
  7. Nick Burkhardt

    Washington  Should have been a DGU Seattle stabbing

    The Pacific NorthWest metro cities are continuing their tradition of summer stabbings with the murder of a 26 year old man in Seattle. I am assuming he was not carrying as his group just left Ozzie’s Karaoke Bar, a gun free zone, and walked to Dick’s Drive-In for a bite to eat in Seattle’s Queen...
  8. ATCclears

    National  Why no cries of "Ban the knife!" from the politicians?...

    There seem to have been many recent stabbing incidents. May 19. Federal Way (near Seattle). <broken link removed> May 21. Portland. <broken link removed> May 23. Corvallis. <broken link removed> May 26. Portland. <broken link removed> May 26. Kenmore (near Seattle)...
  9. ATCclears

    Lynnwood, WA - second stabbing at Alderwood Mall in one month

    <broken link removed>
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