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An explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases. Supersonic explosions created by high explosives are known as detonations and travel via supersonic shock waves. Subsonic explosions are created by low explosives through a slower burning process known as deflagration. When caused by a human-made device such as an exploding rocket or firework, the audible component of an explosion is referred to as its "report" (which can also be used as a verb, e.g., "the rocket reported loudly upon impact").

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  1. grimmy999

    What went wrong here...

    So any and all theories on what may have happened here would be appreciated. I've had this M&P Shield for a few years now. I have maybe put 500 rounds through it. I bought it used and the previous owner did have a trigger job done to it. On this day, I had put 59 rounds through the gun more or...
  2. ATCclears

    Natural-gas pipeline blast in BC impacts garbage trucks in greater Seattle

    <broken link removed> snippet: PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia - Garbage and recycling pickup was called off for customers in much of King and Snohomish Counties for Thursday because of the natural gas pipeline explosion in British Columbia. Waste Management said the blast disrupted the...
  3. ATCclears

    IED at Florida mall

    LAKE WALES, Fla - An improvised explosive device (IED) goes off at Eagle Ridge Mall. Lake Wales fire responded to and alarm call that turned into a structure fire call at around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. When fire crews arrived on scene they saw smoke coming from a corridor located next to the mall...
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