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A bomb is an explosive weapon that uses the exothermic reaction of an explosive material to provide an extremely sudden and violent release of energy. Detonations inflict damage principally through ground- and atmosphere-transmitted mechanical stress, the impact and penetration of pressure-driven projectiles, pressure damage, and explosion-generated effects. Bombs have been in use since the 11th century in Song Dynasty China.
The term bomb is not usually applied to explosive devices used for civilian purposes such as construction or mining, although the people using the devices may sometimes refer to them as a "bomb". The military use of the term "bomb", or more specifically aerial bomb action, typically refers to airdropped, unpowered explosive weapons most commonly used by air forces and naval aviation. Other military explosive weapons not classified as "bombs" include grenades, shells, depth charges (used in water), warheads when in missiles, or land mines. In unconventional warfare, other names can refer to a range of offensive weaponry. For instance, in recent Middle Eastern conflicts, bombs called "improvised explosive devices" (IEDs) have been employed by insurgent fighters to great effectiveness.
The word comes from the Latin bombus, which in turn comes from the Greek βόμβος (bombos), an onomatopoetic term meaning "booming", "buzzing".

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  1. DirectDrive

    B52 Bomb Run Over Hanoi

    I grew up a few miles from Westover AFB. B52's and KC135's were flying all the time when it was a SAC base. The sound of a B52 spooling up, I remember with fondness. Bomb run over Hanoi 1972...I never knew the importance of the 3 ship cell. This navigator's account puts you inside his ship...
  2. 2A-Jay

    Home made bomb found in Long Beach WA.

    Bombs found in downtown Long Beach Police photos show Long Beach bombs These bombs were found in a high tourist traffic area that my family frequent on a regular basis. Scary to think that it comes so close to home. And with Spring Beak and Tourist Season so close.
  3. bababoris

    Washington  Money bomb for NRA on 3/24 idea

    Reposting from Calguns. I think this is a great idea! Who’s in? Money Bomb NRA idea for 03/24/18 Money Bomb NRA idea for 03/24/18 - The anti-gunner dweebs are planning their "March for our Lives" on 03/24/18. I saw a Facebook post of someone proposing a money bomb for the NRA on...
  4. ATCclears

    IED at Florida mall

    LAKE WALES, Fla - An improvised explosive device (IED) goes off at Eagle Ridge Mall. Lake Wales fire responded to and alarm call that turned into a structure fire call at around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. When fire crews arrived on scene they saw smoke coming from a corridor located next to the mall...
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