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  1. The Heretic

    Fixed  Alerts not showing for *some* watched threads

    I don't see a pattern here - some threads I get alerts for, others I do not. I have all of my alert options turned on (not talking about email, just the Alerts menu upper right corner). Some threads I watch - like the humor threads - I get an alert for - others I do not. E.G., I have a WTB...
  2. arakboss

    Not A Bug  Urgent why do links keep breaking in ad?

    Why do my links keep breaking in my classified ads? Example ad below:
  3. titsonritz

    Fixed  Locked threads disappear from watched list...

    There seems to be a semi-recent change that removed threads from the watched list, I liked it much better when they still showed up with a lock symbol. Some threads I kept for references are now gone because they are locked. Was this intentional or a product update byproduct and is any chance of...
  4. Pahonix

    Fixed  Resource Map not updating

    can't seem to get the resource map to update. example is there are 17(ish) shooting sites but only 8 show up on the map. Played with the buttons in the resource filter and the map didn't change.
  5. blfuller

    Fixed  Starting a conversation produces error message

    I tried to start a conversation over in the handguns classifieds to reply to a listing. I get an error that my conversation say that reads: "Oops! We ran into some problems. Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate...
  6. Joe13

    Fixed  Typing text still an issue on IPhone

    Happy New Years y’all! Anyway, I’m still a year later having issues with the typing hiccups. It only happens on this site, nowhere else. IPhone 8 updated software. Issues I experience: I often will double (or triple) hit return to start a new paragraph and it will randomly move the cursor...
  7. SnakePlissken6

    Fixed  Wrong user name..

    the My user name reads: SnakePlissken6. It should read: SnakePlissken62. Can you help me fix this? Thx.
  8. Reno

    Not A Bug  Emojis and IOS

    Sometimes they work, other times they don’t. Using IOS iPhone and iPad. They appear when hitting the red gear, then either I get :cool: or just me looking like an idiot pounding on my screen wondering what’s up? Thanks!
  9. Joe Link

    Fixed  Gmail Bounce Issue - Attempts to send emails have failed

    I'm receiving reports that many of our members with Gmail addresses are seeing our bounced email notice, and as a result their accounts are limited. I've looked into it and confirmed that this is a known issue with Gmail reporting to AWS that "the email account that you tried to reach does...
  10. Dyjital

    Fixed  Membership Gifting

    Having an issue with this, says it's not available. Is this correct? Some members it's allowed, others such as the one I want to anonymously gift, says that I cannot. Not sure if this is due to new members vs seasoned members?
  11. Labradorian

    Not A Bug  Marking Alerts as read

    I have 2 alerts, '2' as a superscript next to the profile - inbox bar. Other alerts have marked as read as an option, however 'Autobiographer' and 'Woke up like this' do not and over the past several weeks, have not own their own, despite my efforts to click on every possible link to burn them...
  12. Esam85

    Fixed  Supporting memberships

    Is it just me or did the supporting memberships options disappear. I noticed my monthly renewal didn’t happen and I went to do it again but can’t find it.
  13. Artpro

    How To Post/AD Pictures

    I cannot find information as to HOW TO ADD PICS
  14. Salps

    Fixed  Screen freezing

    Screen is freezing as I'm browsing often. Dosen't happen on other web sites. Have to close forum to continue using site.
  15. L

    Not A Bug  Unable to post ad via the classified section ... Need help

    Hi, I'm having trouble posting an ad in the classified section. Need help. I've double-checked to make sure that I have all necessary fields completed and then I submit and then I get feedback that I need to fill in with values. Which by the way I did. What gives?
  16. Joe Link

    Fixed  Email Issues

    Just a heads up for everyone, we've been having issues with outgoing emails since our update last Friday. We are working to resolve these.
  17. RainMan_PNW

    Fixed  Alert thread titles not bold on mobile

    When I'm on desktop (I use Chrome on a PC), and I click the alerts, all of the thread titles are Bold but when I am on my phone (using chrome on an iphone), they are not. Not sure if that's a bug, or by design. The fact they aren't red anymore is nice, but on the phone now I can't tell where...
  18. Certaindeaf

    Not A Bug  Ignored thread?

    Hey, I've been seeing "ignored thread" appear in the reloading section under "new post" or something yet in my settings I have nothing ignored.. all three are zeroes. Whaaaaa!
  19. FreedomPI

    Not A Bug  trouble updating my profile page

    The last two letters of my name are gone and I can't seem to edit that. Also I attempted to put in my website and it keeps asking for a URL, finally I left it blank to be able to save.
  20. JustSomeGuy

    Fixed  Using Backspace and Enter key cause keyboard to close on mobile.

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Android version 10 Any time I'm typing in the text field to compose or reply to a thread and hit either the backspace key or the enter key it closes the keyboard. Oddly, it doesn't do that when I'm typing in the text field to compose the title. :s0092:
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