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The term Tristar (meaning three star) may refer to:
Tri-star (wheel arrangement)
Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, a widebodied airliner
Lockheed TriStar (RAF), L-1011-based tankers used by the Royal Air Force

TriStar Motorsports
Tristar and Red Sector Incorporated
TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital
TriStar, a production studio of Sony/Sony Pictures
TriStar Music, a defunct record label distributed by Sony Music Entertainment
Columbia TriStar, a production studio probably known as Sony Pictures
TriStar Pictures, a film production/distribution studio
Columbia TriStar Home Video, a home video production known as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
TriStar Television, a production studio known as Sony Pictures Television
Columbia TriStar Television, a television production/distribution studio now known as Sony Pictures Television
TriStar Video (Tri-Star Video), a video production studio known as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
TriStar Productions, a film and television production company that is a joint venture between Thomas Rothman and SPE
TriStar Showcase

Tristar 64, an add-on for the Nintendo 64 game console
Tri-star, an add-on for the Super Nintendo game console, see Super 8 (video game accessory)
Tristar-class cruiser from Robotech
Tristar Productions
Tristar (film), a 1996 Hong Kong film directed by Tsui Hark
Tristar (band) Popular Kazakh musical band
Tristar, a fictional band in the anime Aikatsu!
Tristar Worldwide a British private hire company

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