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  1. CountryGent

    Identify this lever-gun?

    My wife and children are down at my father's house for a family gathering. Whilst "face timing" last night, I spied this rifle behind said family. I plan to ask my father about it sometime, but am curious if anyone knows: What this is? (Looks like a Winchester 1876 to my eyes.) If it is a...
  2. CountryGent

    Build Thread  Shorty Lever-gun Plans, Antics, and Assorted Queries.

    So, this evening I acquired a Rossi Ranch Hand. They look like this: In that factory-built state it is a "pistol", not NFA. Naturally, I have no intention of leaving it in said state. My plan is to: Thread the barrel to ½ x 28 for use with a can. File via eForms for a stamp to SBR said...
  3. CountryGent

    Stainless Steel Provider

    Sorry for the silly title, amigos, it is from an old Revco song. Now that the little people in this household have stopped interrupting me with the noise and paper airplanes, I can perhaps ruminate on the latest project. On that point, a NIB, stainless steel, .44 Magnum, Winchester 92-based...
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