Burris is a surname, and may refer to:
Al Burris (1894-1938), baseball player
Art Burris (1924–1993) basketball player
Benjamin J. Burris, university president
Bo Burris (born 1944), American football player
Buddy Burris (1923–2007) football player
Henry Burris (born 1975), football player
Jack Burris (1917-1952), attorney and murder victim
Jeff Burris (born 1972), football player
John Burris (born 1945), attorney
John Burris (CEO) founder of Sourcefire
John Burris (politician) (born 1986), American politician
Kurt Burris (1932-1999), football player
Patrick Burris (born 1950), martial artist
Patrick Tracy Burris (1967-2009), American spree killer
Ray Burris (born 1950), baseball player
Robert H. Burris (1914–2010), biochemistry professor
Roland Burris (born 1937), politician and US Senator from Illinois
Samuel Burris (1808-1869), abolitionist
Timothy Burris, lutenist
Tony Burris (American football), American football player
Tony K. Burris, (1929-1951) soldier

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