In computing, a shell is a computer program which exposes an operating system's services to a human user or other programs. In general, operating system shells use either a command-line interface (CLI) or graphical user interface (GUI), depending on a computer's role and particular operation. It is named a shell because it is the outermost layer around the operating system.Command-line shells require the user to be familiar with commands and their calling syntax, and to understand concepts about the shell-specific scripting language (for example, bash).
Graphical shells place a low burden on beginning computer users, and are characterized as being easy to use. Since they also come with certain disadvantages, most GUI-enabled operating systems also provide CLI shells.

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    12 gauge mini shells

    Does anyone know where I can purchase 12 gauge mini shells?
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    Where to buy .410 bird shells?

    Surefire place to find reasonably priced .410 and maybe 20ga shells for quail? In the Willamette valley, say Salem to Portland, or west of I5 like me. What's a reasonable price I should expect to pay? Thanks!
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