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  1. S

    Washington  Encountering coyotes in the neighborhood...

    There have been numerous coyote sightings in my area as well as pets being attacked and/or killed... I've seen quite a few and ran a couple off which were attacking the neighbors dog, I'd have shot them if not for the inopportune backstop this got me to thinking... What IS the legality of...
  2. T

    Any tips for hunting coyotes or cougar in the Blue Mountians this time of year?

  3. prkrgrp


    got few last couple weeks. Hunting coyotes all day
  4. T

    Anyone want to team up to hunt coyotes in Eastern Oregon....

    If so, please contact me here. Thinking of trips in the Blues in late November and December and early 2019. Thanks.
  5. RangerEric

    Getting Rid of Coyotes

    Hi all - Just lost two more cats tonight to a GD coyote in my yard, have already lost a plethora of other cats, ducks, and chickens, and tired of watching my family be upset over their pets getting killed. Anybody got some better suggestions for coyote repellent than the stupid Humane Society...
  6. CountryGent

    Kicking around CZ 527 SBR Project ...

    So, an idea I keep coming back to is buying / modifying a very little, handy bolt-action for small varmints (e.g., coyotes, foxes) and informal shooting. A thought I have is to: Obtain a CZ 527 carbine. Papering it as an SBR and shortening the barrel back to, say, 11-12". Threading said to...
  7. Angler

    Noisy coyotes and silent rock chucks

    Over near Redmond for a week of varminting on my regular ranches when I receive a call from a lady asking if I could come over and "get rid of a bunch of noisy coyotes". I arrive at ranch and she has 160 acres surrounded on three sides by hay fields and the fourth side was county land full of...
  8. CountryGent

    Thoughts on the .17 Remington?

    So, here's hoping my work and family life settles down to the point that I can get back into varmint hunting relatively soon. On that score, I have been working on a semi-auto, .223 / 5.56㎜ project rifle for some time now. Pics shall be posted soon. It is, essentially, done except for the...
  9. Angler

    Coyotes in the cold.

    Well kind of cold, well cold mornings, well it was cold for awhile. I just returned from a couple weeks yote calling down by K-Falls with a fellow ifisher who first took me water-fowling. Very strange situation with very cold mornings and cool almost warm afternoons. The yotes also seemed a...
  10. JRuby

    Coyotes reproduction

    When do coyotes start having thier young. Living out here in the country the coyotes are starting to be more aggressive and making thier selves known. Don't really want the young to starve to death by killing the parents but also don't want my four legged friends to be yote food.
  11. M

    Coyotes hunting near Boring Oregon

    Hi there I am just getting into coyote hunting and general hunting as well, it's been my dream for awile now to go yote hunting but since I have started I haven't been able to get any, I would like to here some suggestions for some areas around boring to go hunt for some yotes
  12. CountryGent

    Scope & Mount Recommendation for an AR-15?

    Howdy all. I am thinking of adding a scope to my AR-556. I do pretty much all of my shooting with iron sights, so it has been a while since I've invested in optics. As such, I'd value some input on the topic. As for the "what for" question: Target shooting and plinking. If/when my schedule...
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