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Eastern Oregon is the eastern part of the U.S. state of Oregon. It is not an officially recognized geographic entity; thus, the boundaries of the region vary according to context. It is sometimes understood to include only the eight easternmost counties in the state; in other contexts, it includes the entire area east of the Cascade Range. Cities in the basic 8-county definition include Baker City, Burns, Hermiston, John Day, La Grande, and Ontario. Umatilla County is home to the largest population base in Eastern Oregon; accounting for 74% of the region's population in 2016. Hermiston, located in Umatilla Conty, is the largest city in the region. Major industries include transportation/warehousing, timber, agriculture, and tourism. The main transportation corridors are I-84, U.S. Route 395, U.S. Route 97, U.S. Route 26, U.S. Route 30, and U.S. Route 20.
Compared to the climate of Western Oregon, the climate of Eastern Oregon is a drier continental climate, with much greater seasonal variations in temperature. Unlike the Willamette Valley, Eastern Oregon receives a significant amount of snow in the winter. Some parts of Eastern Oregon receive fewer than 10 inches (250 mm) of rain yearly, classifying them as deserts. This desert climate is in part due to a rain shadow effect caused by the Cascade Range. Pine and juniper forests cover 35% of Eastern Oregon, much in the mountains that include the Blue Mountains, Strawberry Mountains, Wallowa Mountains, Trout Creek Mountains, Ochoco Mountains, and Steens Mountain. Volcanic basalt flows from the Columbia River Basalt Group covered large sections of Eastern Oregon 6 to 17 million years ago. Other landforms include the Alvord Desert, Owyhee Desert, Warner Valley, Deschutes River, Owyhee River, Grande Ronde River, Joseph Canyon, The Honeycombs, and Malheur Butte.

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  1. T

    Anyone want to team up to hunt coyotes in Eastern Oregon....

    If so, please contact me here. Thinking of trips in the Blues in late November and December and early 2019. Thanks.
  2. T

    Coyote hunting Eastern Oregon: Sight in 223/22 250 at zero at ???

    100 or 200 yards? Both with 55 grain bullets and premium Federal ammo. Hunting either Ukia or Starkey area in the Blue Mountains. Will be using electronic call. To be hunting at the end of November or early December? The former scoped with 4 x 14 and the latter 4 x 16. Thanks.
  3. Madmarcus

    New from Eastern Oregon.

    Hello from Eastern Oregon. Wanted to be more informed on what our not so friendly Western half is up to with our gun rights.
  4. gesasky

    Owyhee River

    Anybody ever fish the Owyhee? I am planning on making a trip this summer and hear there is some great brown trout fishing. How is access to the river? From all accounts Ive read, its one of Oregon's best kept secrets.
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