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So, here's hoping my work and family life settles down to the point that I can get back into varmint hunting relatively soon. On that score, I have been working on a semi-auto, .223 / 5.56㎜ project rifle for some time now. Pics shall be posted soon. It is, essentially, done except for the silencer that is, well over a year later, still in process with the ATF. And I learn this week that said Form 4 is now in an "error" status so I'm scrambling to get whatever they need to them to finally wrap up the blasted thing.

Sorry for the digression and back on topic: though the aforementioned automatic carbine is my planned platform for the dispatching of fury friends, I'm intrigued by the .17 Remington. On paper, the ballistics are nothing short of amazing. I've seen a few rebarreled Mini-14s and at least one AR in said. And a few bolt-guns so chambered.

  • Anyone run this caliber?
  • If so, how does it work for you?
  • Any recommendations on a lightweight, easy packing, box-fed, bolt-action carbine chambered in said?
  • Any reason why a 5.56㎜ silencer wouldn't work on such a rifle?
  • Any other thoughts?
Thanks much!
Just checked CZ USA website, looks like they don't do the 17 Remington anymore. They do a 17 Hornet though....

You might have to hunt down a used 17 Remington... they usually command a premium.
Thanks for the information. I'll do some digging to see what is out there.
Remington came out with the .17 Fireball in 2006 or 2007 but not sure anyone chambers for it any more. The .17 Fireball for some reason got velocities similar to the .17 Remington with significantly less powder. So while velocities were not quite a good, barrel fouling and throat erosion was considerably less. If you are set on a .17 caliber be sure to look into this caliber as an option too.

I've not bought or built a .17 centerfire, but I am an advocate of the .20 calibers. I have two .20 VarTargs, based on the Fireball case, and they are my go to sage rat rifles. Great caliber for coyotes too. I've heard stories about these small calibers losing accuracy fairly quickly due to fouling, but my VTs can go over 100 rounds and not experience a significant drop off in minute of sage rat accuracy.
Interesting point on the .20s. Honestly, I haven't really looked into the .20 VarTarg wildcat, the .204 Ruger, et al. I do believe I need to do some "homework" on them. Thanks for the recommendation @Otter.
I played with an Encore years ago so can't comment on anything feeding-wise. I do remember it being fun to shoot but nearly had to put the stick powder in the case with tweezers. Keep in mind the smaller the bore the faster they foul and foul it did! My current coyote gun is a .22-250 with a heavy varmint barrel, but a sporter-weight .222 may be my next one.
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