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...thoughts on the "ferguson" dynamic(s)...

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by 7SFCW4, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. 7SFCW4

    7SFCW4 Out and About, Oregon Active Member

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    T H E S E folks A R E your preparedness minded neighbors!

    Having read thru quite a bit of the printed media (CONUS & OCONUS) regarding "ferguson" Missouri, I am struck by one pivotal, to my ears, at least, unsaid.

    A few years ago, there was a lot of angst about the Oath Keepers "...Citizen Protection Team..." concept, however, when the call went out, thousands of heavily armed Oath Keepers took up the call. This is not "Occupy Wall Street" mall ninja's this is America's Veterans and concerned citizens doing what the elites, our betters, do not have the courage to do. We've sat in more cold/wet/ muggy/OP-LP's than them, humped a heavier ruck longer than them, done more field first aid than them; have done more OCONUS training events than them, the list goes on and on....

    Sadly the Ferguson PD website is still off line, but I wonder...how many non Oath Keeper police are on the payroll(?) in any American city, and how many Oath Keepers could respond when needed, when called upon: better prepared; better trained; better supply chain; better INTEL; better "will of the people"; better organized; the list goes on.

    My sweetie and I were watching "Divergent" last night, she said to me, "...OK now I get it, die on your knees or fight back...let's go to Clark Rifles tomorrow for some trigger time...".

    Time to attend an Oath Keepers local meeting if you haven't already done so
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  2. MikeE

    MikeE Portland Well-Known Member

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  3. Riot

    Riot Benton County, Washington Well-Known Member

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    Only when their stance on local militias changes...

    After an attempt was made to reach out to the Oath Keepers (via Forum, E-Mail and Phone) I've also gotten an e-mail response from them and have learned that the Oath Keepers do not associate themselves with Militias because of the stereotypes associated with them. The response I had was something like "because most of our members are Law Enforcement or Military we cannot associate ourselves with any militia groups as it may jeopardize the careers of our members".

    My thought was to network with the Oath Keepers while forming my own group, but all I've seen is resistance for calling it a "militia".

    Because of this (and RCW 38.40.120) I think I'm going to have to go with a "Community Defense Force" or something of that nature...

    The text of RCW 38.40.120

    RCW 38.04.030 clearly states that everyone is apart of the militia...

    WA State Constitution, Article X, Section 2

    So basically you can be in a militia in WA state...as long as all your officers are appointed by the Governor and you do not have an armed assembly of men without the state's approval...

    Sorry for the thread Hi-Jack...just frustrated at eveyone putting militias in a box (including the Oath Keepers) as either National/State Guard or a terrorist organization. There seems to be no middle ground.
  4. 7SFCW4

    7SFCW4 Out and About, Oregon Active Member

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    Thanx Riot. As both a Veteran and an Oath Keeper, I can say (for myself) I believe in what the Oath Keepers stand for, however, I don't believe everything (not much of a fan of Kool-Aid, no matter who is handing it out).

    The Oath Keepers home office has to stay at all times in a legally defensible posture. I get that. Until we the People take back the public education system and teach our children what they should understand and need to know about this city on a hill that is America we are subject to the Ministry of Thought and Political Correctness dogma in the public school system and it's many fruits and nuts.

    In the '70's people spit on me and called me a baby killer, now days, people tell me to my face "...thanks for your service..." (reminiscent of "sorry for your loss"), and give credence to Communist News Network farce that all Veterans are ticking time bombs because they won't wear what we tell them, think what we tell them, believe what we tell them to like nice little slaves. Today's society what passes for normal, feels like never ending High School click stupidity.

    When I was in CONUS, I cut my hair and polished my boots. When I was in northern Afghanistan in the 70's, South Ameria in the 80's, South West Asia in the 90's, I did what I had to do, the mother ship was far away and would not back my play if I deviated from the party line, even to save my skin or my men.

    I think the Oath Keepers will end up being alot like that. But I could be wrong, I've been wrong before.